Study Claims Islamic Slaughtering More Humane

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I came across this strange article about German research on which slaughter method creates more pain for the animal: the Western method of stunning or the Islamic method of a cut to the neck. The Islamic practice of slaughtering animals by means of a sharp cut to the front of the neck has frequently come under attack by some animal rights activists as being a form of animal cruelty, the claim being that it is a painful inhumane method of killing animals.

Washington Town to Become Horse Slaughter Capital?

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horses destined to die and be butchered in one of Canada’s equine slaughterhouses for human consumption abroad.” Dempsey says if rumblings of a new plan by the giant Canadian horse meat packing company Bouvry Exports-Calgary to reopen the Florence Packing plant on Florence Road for equine slaughter are true, Stanwood soon might become better known as the region’s “Butcher Shop for Horses”.

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Horse Slaughter Could Start Up Again in One Month

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for human consumption after Congress quietly lifted a 5-year-old ban on funding horse meat inspections, and activists say slaughterhouses could be up and running in as little as a month. Slaughter opponents pushed a measure cutting off funding for horse meat inspections through Congress in 2006 after other efforts to pass outright bans on horse slaughter failed in previous years. exotic meats horses legislation horse slaughter usBad news for horses in the US.

On a New Level of Absurdity in the Slaughter Business

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Bea sent me a link to an article in Gourmet called " Humane Slaughterhouses ," by Rebecca Marx, that is absurd. They believe you can take a life that doesn't want to be taken in a humane way, and I don't agree. And when that happens, you know what direction you're headed: the justification of taking the lives of sentient nonhumans to please the palates of humans. And perhaps that "better" will distract the reader from the undeniable fact of the unjust slaughter.

Henry S. Salt (1851-1939) on "Humane Slaughter"

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By all means let us reform the system of butchery as far as it can be reformed, that is, by the total abolition of those foul dens of torture known as "private slaughter-houses," and by the substitution of municipal abattoirs, equipped with the best modern appliances, and under efficient supervision; for there is no doubt that the sum of animal suffering may thus be greatly lessened.

Humane Society Endorses Obama

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The Obama-Biden ticket is the better choice on animal protection, and we urge all voters who care about the humane treatment of animals, no matter what their party affiliation, to vote for them. As an Illinois state senator, he backed at least a dozen animal protection laws, including those to strengthen the penalties for animal cruelty, to help animal shelters, to promote spaying and neutering, and to ban the slaughter of horses for human consumption.

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More Humane Method of Killing Chickens?

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I realize that the most humane method of treating chickens is to not kill them for food.BUT, as long as there is still a demand for their meat, PETA is advocating "Controlled-Atmosphere Killing" as an improvement over current methods of electric immobilization. Department of Agriculture (USDA)-approved slaughter method that is currently used to kill 75 percent of turkeys and 25 percent of chickens in the United Kingdom and 10 percent of all birds in the European Union.

Contrarian Nonsense About the Seal Slaughter

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WHO could defend the slaughter of 300,000 harp, hooded and grey seals by hook-wielding hunters out to make a quick buck from the seals' pelts? The increasingly shrill condemnation of Canada's seal cull is based on a view of humans as bloodthirsty destroyers of nature. Ah, nothing like a column defending baby sea killers to get the blood going.

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On Thanking Slaughtered Sheep for Book Awards

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Well, she apparently did such a great job convincing the folks at the Minnesota Book Awards that you can claim to love animals and then send them to slaughter, that not only was she a finalist for their award, but she won it. But it was a gratitude that came from acknowledging I was eating the flesh of an animal, and in order for me to do that, Melissa and I had worked very hard to be sustainable and humane farmers" (252).

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Why You Shouldn’t Watch the Kentucky Derby

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When they break a leg or fail to win (to create a “return” on their owners’ investment), they are discarded – often sent to slaughter , a profitable end for the owner, but a brutal one for the animal. The much-hyped Kentucky Derby will be taking place this Saturday, May 1st.

A Look at Humane Farming

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The film Partitions (running time: 14 min) by Audrey Kali gives an intimate glimpse of the ethical struggles that five small-scale meat farmers face when their animals are slaughtered. Although the farmers can easily answer that their animals are treated more humanely whilst alive, their discomfort about being asked questions regarding the slaughter process is visually and audibly obvious. This is as humane as "humane farming" gets.

On the Renewed Debate Over Horse Slaughter

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Not approving the institutionalized slaughter of the horses we claim to hold so dear lowers that value. And it’s much more humane than leaving them there to starve to death.”. There are entire countries filled with starving people--do we think killing them is a "humane" idea? " Surge in Abandoned Horses Renews Debate Over Slaughterhouses " in today's New York Times begs a lot of questions that I wonder how you would answer.

Horse Slaughterhouse Proposed in New Mexico

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This article reaffirms my belief that it's more humane to slaughter horses in the US than to ship them for slaughter to Canada or Mexico. mexico meat horses horse slaughter Slaughterhouse farm animal welfare united statesI don't like it either way, but one is better than the other for sure.

Horse Slaughter No More

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citizens have been struggling to bring an end to the inhumane practice of slaughtering horses for human consumption. For previous posts on the ethical issues surrounding the slaughtering of horses for human consumption, see here , here , and here. For several years, conscientious U.S. Happily, that struggle is finally over.

Are Farm Animals Usually Killed in a Humane Manner?

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He asked whether cows, chickens, sheep and some of the other animals that we eat are usually treated and killed in a humane manner. The meat industry will say yes, of course, all animals are treated and killed humanely. In my opinion, the crux of the question touches on what is “humane.” For some people, it is inhumane to eat meat in any situation, no matter how well the animal is treated prior to and during slaughter. It's not conducive to humane anything.).

Why Do Animals Exist?

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I asked them why lions exist, since we don’t eat them (okay, maybe some humans eat lions, but I don’t think many). “So why do humans exist?&#. Those crops are then largely fed to “food animals&# , which are then slaughtered and fed to humans.

On The Respectful Emperor

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We are not people who are interested in discussing animal rights, as in, the right of sentient nonhumans to not be used by humans for potential profit, for sport or for lunch. The stories we humans create for ourselves to justify--or even glorify--our behavior are fictions.

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Let’s Catch Up!

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It is a haunting, disturbing, thrilling, and often heartbreaking film about the dolphin trade and consequent slaughter in Japan. Most are abandoned or euthanized, or sometimes sold into slaughter.

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It's Back! The Horror of Horse Slaughter in DeKalb

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that slaughters horses for human consumption. Since it is illegal to sell horse meat for human consumption in the U.S., you might wonder how it is that Cavel has been able to brutally slaughter horses for human consumption right here in the U.S. One can't kill horses for human consumption within the U.S., but that leaves open the possibility of slaughtering horses for human consumption abroad.

Proposed Nebraska Legislation Angers Horse Activists

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Basically, it would mandate that humane societies and horse rescue operations would have to accept a horse if one was presented to them, or they would face a class four misdemeanor," said Larson. nebraska horses horse slaughterFrom the Lexington Clipper-Herald. click here for the full article. Two bills introduced in the Nebraska Legislature are drawing fire from the largest animal advocacy organization in the world. Newcomer to the Legislature Sen.

Egypt Kills Thousands of Pigs for No Reason

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According to the New York Times, “Egypt ordered the pig slaughter even though there hasn’t been a single case of swine flu there and no evidence that pigs have spread the disease.&# How typical that we humans blame this epidemic on pigs, and kill them without a second thought! This virus was created by HUMANS when we put thousands and thousands of pigs into small quarters (breeding grounds for disease), it is spreading human to human , and we are killing pigs?

Egypt 52

Meat with No Feet!?

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A while back PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) offered $1 million to any company or person who could come up with a cost effective way to produce cloned meat on a large scale, the goal being that people could still satisfy their meat cravings, but that animals wouldn’t have to be slaughtered for that purpose. More importantly, those animals suffer greatly during their short lives, only to end up at a slaughter house where they will be killed for food.

Meat 40

“You Want Farm Animals to Go Extinct!”

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Those that couldn’t - like “broiler&# chickens - would only find it difficult because of human intervention in their breeding. If an animal never existed, s/he would never know s/he never existed, but when an animal lives in pain and fear every day of his/her short life, and then is brutally slaughtered at the hands of humans, s/he knows it. And I don’t want them to die just because humans like the way they taste! __.

An Affront to the Idea of Family

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I'm not one of those people who thinks family is composed of only humans or humans who are biologically related. Their goal is to make a profit from the breeding and slaughter of animals.

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On SPECIESISM, by Joan Dunayer

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environmentalists" would have to value the life of an Atlantic salmon more than the life of a human because, in environmental terms, there are too few Atlantic salmons and far too many humans. Despite human overpopulation and crowding, only nonhumans are said to "infest" an area (19).

On Peaceable Kingdom, Part Deux

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But the message remains the same, and it's the only such message available in film to my knowledge (and please let me know of any others): there's simply no way to kindly, politely, "humanely" take someone's life when you don't need to.

On Indigenous People and Animals

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Cain=farmer=evil murderer; Abel=slaughtered animals=victim/good son. The fact remains, however, that if you don't need to kill anyone to survive, no amount of storytelling and mythmaking (or myth borrowing/co-opting) around that slaughter excuses it.

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More Clarity About Family Farms

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The marketing of an operation of breeding and slaughtering sentient nonhumans as a family farm (here, Bell straddles the line) is supposed to trigger some kind of compassion for the humans. It's the one that matters most to beings who simply want to live their lives without betrayal, disrespect, enslavement and slaughter.

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The Best in Vegan Education

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if they are "farmed" or slaughtered in a certain way). The film addresses the humane myth straight on, with unprecedented transparency in the discussions of animal farming, by simply letting its characters tell their personal stories.

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On ANIMAL EQUALITY, by Joan Dunayer

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Minus that role, the term implies, such an animal has no place; if they aren't some human's companion, or their companionship fails to please, they can be abandoned or killed" (8). With equal validity, we could say that a human locked inside a room has 'freedom' from muggers" (75).

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On "The Wild"

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The problem with that statement is it's not as if farmers are searching "the wild" for cows, pigs, chicken and fish, plucking them from their homes, and plopping them on a farm to live out their (shortened) lives prior to slaughter. The animals on farms are created for the sole purpose of human consumption. They are created to be slaughtered. And their lives of exploitation, torment, torture and slaughter cannot be compared to an animal's life in the wild.

On Jeff Corwin's 100 HEARTBEATS

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In the majority of cases, it is humans who are to blame for the plunging numbers of animals, and Corwin is very clear about the extent to which we have destroyed the world around us. Corwin tells the story of the Maasai of Kenya, whose culture involved disdain for and slaughter of lions.

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Forget About Equal, How About Alive

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what if those were human babies? Desperate to drive up prices by stemming the gusher of unwanted milk, a dairy industry group, the National Milk Producers Federation, has been paying farmers to send herds to slaughter. You may have seen "Dog," posted by Stephanie. If not, here it is.

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On Cat Killers and Mental Competency

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People in South Florida are still in an uproar over the mutilation and slaughter of 19 house cats (allegedly) by 18-year old Tyler Weinman, who was declared mentally competent and not a danger to himself or others (!). We humans have decided that, for a combination of reasons that are important to us, cats are worthy of our respect. We don't say we hate pigs and want to see them writhing in pain and slaughtered.

On "Knockout Animals"

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Like when they're about to be, say, slaughtered? Here's what I see: Once again, as with attempts to convince the public that animal farming could ever be humane , humans are desperate to provide alternatives to consuming animals that don't include not consuming animals. Not to mention the reality that there is so much more involved in being bred for slaughter than pain, and none of that is addressed.

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On Surreal Lobster Advocacy

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My self-appointed job in this blog is to think critically about how our human lives intersect with those of sentient nonhumans, in action and thought. I don't agree that the game is "no different than a lobster tank" (at least conceptually--I haven't seen it), but "animal rights activists" should be campaigning for the cessation of the slaughter and consumption of lobsters, shouldn't they?

On Food for the Soul

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His passion and compassion for humans is immense, but he appears to have some kind of mental block with nonhuman animals. I suppose speciesism/human exceptionalism is at the heart of the matter. He just doesn't believe that other beings lives might have a purpose all their own that is entirely unrelated to humans. The animals were still bred and raised for slaughter, but evidently in some kind of soulful way we don't really hear about. The New York Times ' Nicholas D.

On the Banning of Eating Cats and Dogs in China

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Why choose enslavement, rape, domination and slaughter? Here's an interesting combination of great sentiment and horrible sentiment that involves two responses from the above list: "Online critics said it was hypocritical to protect only dogs and cats, and that the government should focus on human welfare before protecting animals." Yes, it is hypocritical (speciesism), but who said that we either protect humans or animals?

China 100

Preparing for the Onslaught

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Here's today's question: When a group of omnivores begins the inevitable round of jokes about veganism and even about slaughter ("I love turkeys--with sweet potatoes," or my cousin this week on Facebook, "I love the cow, therefore I eat her cheese," or something equally insensitive and ignorant), what do you do? So I might say, "I fail to find humor in the enslavement, rape, torture and slaughter of anyone. Not humans, not animals."

Turkey 107

On Egypt's Pig Cull

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But though the pigs weren't originally destined for a mass grave, weren't they destined for slaughter nonetheless? CIWF wants to "halt the brutal killing of these animals, and to ensure that they can be assured of a humane future." Here's my question: What is "a humane future?"

Egypt 100

On Compassionate Carnivores and Betrayal

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Their claim is that what has become the customary way to take sentient nonhumans from babyhood to untimely death is not humane. Yes, I do think it's better to have lived a comfortable life and then be slaughtered than to have been tortured the entire time and then be slaughtered. No one needs to eat sentient beings, so it's not as if these "farmers" are providing a valuable service to humanity.

Ways to Promote Alliance Politics

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Meanwhile, I'm sure that writers whose style I have a problem with will say, "I don't have the time or the inclination to write the sort of dispassionate, tepid prose you prefer while tens of billions of sentient nonhumans are being enslaved and slaughtered for no good reason."

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Listen Today on WALO Radio

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The University of Puerto Rico, an "1862" LGU founded in 1900, operates a slaughter facility killing small ruminants -- typically goats and sheep, cattle being large ruminants. We humans, herbivores like ruminants, are fine with one stomach -- we don't eat the really tough stuff like grass. Achieving humane treatment of animals is inconceivable with our big, popular universities teaching the opposite! Responsible Policies for Animals Members & Friends!