Pet-Related Charities Receive Early Holiday Present

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Here is the breakdown of how much each nonprofit will receive as a result of the online voting: American Humane Association: $103,200. What an amazing early holiday present for the pups and kitties at these shelters! We got some great holiday news in our inbox this morning!

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On Humane Societies and Calf-Roping

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Angus directed me to a story about the Calgary Stampede (rodeo) and the Calgary and Vancouver Humane Societies which had me asking: Whose side are they on? The Vancouver Humane Society wants to ban calf-roping. The Calgary Humane Society is just as bad for working with the Stampede.

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Tom Regan on Human Chauvinism

Animal Ethics

This is human chauvinism. The anthropomorphic side reads: "It is anthropomorphic to attribute characteristics to nonhumans that belong only to humans." There is a neglected other side to the anthropomorphic coin.

Henry S. Salt (1851-1939) on "Humane Slaughter"

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There will be no opposition from the vegetarian side to such reform as this; indeed, it is in a large measure through the personal efforts of Vegetarians that the subject has attracted attention, whereas the very people who make this prospective improvement an excuse for their present flesh-diet are seldom observed to be doing anything practical to carry it into effect.

On a New Level of Absurdity in the Slaughter Business

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Bea sent me a link to an article in Gourmet called " Humane Slaughterhouses ," by Rebecca Marx, that is absurd. They believe you can take a life that doesn't want to be taken in a humane way, and I don't agree. And when that happens, you know what direction you're headed: the justification of taking the lives of sentient nonhumans to please the palates of humans. It’s how we treat humans, too.

On Compassionate Bullets

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A comment left yesterday on a two-year old post, by None Please presented a phrase I've never heard before and I'd like to address it. "In Or to get struck by an automobile, die slowly, of failing internal organs, and be unfit for human consumption."

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On "Wild Justice"

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" Wild Justice: The Moral Lives of Animals ," By Marc Bekoff and Jessica Pierce, is the most recent (for me) book that debunks myths about the differences between human and nonhuman animals. Also, Bekoff and Pierce present a descriptive view, not a normative view of morality.

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The conference was for animal lovers, and it wasn’t just humans present! We just returned from a fun, furry, weekend in Salt Lake City for the BlogPaws conference. There is so much to share with you, including some fun giveaways.

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Steve Best on The Left's Ignorance of Cognitive Ethology

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Steve Best's verbal presentation of his ideas sometimes irks me. But " Minding the Animals: Ethology and the Obsolescence of Left Humanism " is a great look back at how we humans have managed to always find a way to consider ourselves unique, despite what the reality of the nonhuman world tells us. If humans have for so long failed to understand animal minds it is because their own stupidity, insensitivity, and deep speciesist bias have for so long blinded them.

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On "High in the Clouds"

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Objectively, however, though the use message is there, believe it or not, you can talk about enslaving animals and still not present a clear vegan message.

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On Wearable "Roadkill"

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Used in their entirety by humans , thereby ignoring the reality that the carcasses play in the lives of other creatures, such as scavengers.) This is about using animals and presenting yet another variation on the theme of humans believing they have a right to make food, clothing or art from the body of other animals. Nonhuman animals are not here to be purposeful to humans.

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On "Knockout Animals"

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Today's New York Times gives us Adam Shriver's Op-Ed " Not Grass-Fed, But at Least Pain-Free ," which presents its dilemma at the end: If we cannot avoid factory farms altogether, the least we can do is eliminate the unpleasantness of pain in the animals that must live and die on them.

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Animal Ethics - Untitled Article

Animal Ethics

Forty years ago, the suggestion that nonhuman animals have moral rights—indeed, many of the same rights as human beings—would have been met with incredulous stares, if not outright ridicule. Fast forward to the present.

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NYT Equine Thought Experiment

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The New York Times presents us, this morning, with "Equine Alternative" regarding the recent discovery that horses decided to allow themselves be domesticated by humans for our mutual benefit, earlier than we had thought (3500 BC, and we preciously thought it was more like 2500 BC). Among all the animal species on this planet, humans have domesticated only a handful. What if they had remained resolutely wild, refusing the domestic kinship humans tried to impose upon them?

On "Pets" and "Its"

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The reason we need to save the gorillas and their habitats (it's a book on gorilla "conservation") is--and this is from memory so there could be more--that gorillas have thumbs, just like humans do. Meanwhile, gorillas don't live in a traditional human family structure of mom, dad and kids, but somehow their family structure is an important reason for us to save them. I went back to New York to the areas where I grew up and went to college and graduate school for a five-day weekend.

Ways to Promote Alliance Politics

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So if you don't like someone's style, see if you can look beyond or beneath that for the meaning (though sometimes it is admittedly difficult to separate the presentation from the substance).

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On "Home"

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The cinematography did present a bit of a problem for me in that I often had difficulties with scale--I didn't know how wide or large things were, and though it might not necessary to know, I like to nonetheless. It's amazing to observe as someone learns about what we humans have done to this planet in such a short period of time, and how dire the situation really is. I think that any film that presents a problem should also provide solution.

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Hero Dog Awards

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The American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards presented by CESAR Canine Cuisine celebrates heroic dogs that truly transform lives.

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Tribute to War Heroes…at Both Ends of the Leash

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We all know about the bravery and sacrifices of our great men and women in uniform,” said Robin Ganzert, President and CEO of American Humane Association. “We’re Roselle was voted the top American Hero Dog in the American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards.

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Animal Rights is Pernicious Nonsense?

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Latimer refers to his previous two posts where he has "documented the ethical and moral shallowness of the 'animal rights' credo itself, which is based more on an anti-human self hatred, taking the form of a 'moral' squeamishness concerned more with stamping out human 'cruelty,' no matter what the social or economic costs might be. It's too bad that Latimer's presentation is so obnoxious, as even when he raises what might be valid points, he makes you want to disagree with him.

On the Psychological Continuum

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And human psychology says that humans are far more social than rational creatures. And that means for the animal rights movement: Social entities like compassion, empathy and suffering are very important factors to motivate humans to change their behaviour. One of the most important aspects determining human behaviour is their social environment. Humans want to be well integrated into their society and live in harmony with it.

Proposed Nebraska Legislation Angers Horse Activists

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Basically, it would mandate that humane societies and horse rescue operations would have to accept a horse if one was presented to them, or they would face a class four misdemeanor," said Larson. From the Lexington Clipper-Herald. click here for the full article. Two bills introduced in the Nebraska Legislature are drawing fire from the largest animal advocacy organization in the world. Newcomer to the Legislature Sen.

How Pets Can Improve Your Health

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But, pets also become bona fide family members with which we establish genuine relationships—incomparable emotional bonds that can have extraordinarily positive physical and psychological impacts on humans.

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Deconstructing Slate's "Pepper" Series

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There's a vague sense that perhaps he cares about the dogs or thinks that what he does to them might present an ethical dilemma, but the overwhelming feeling is that it's all worth it. For Engber, who dispassionately describes procedures most of the time, the "advances" in the medical care of humans are all well worth what he and other vivisectionists do to dogs and other sentient nonhumans. By the end of my time as researcher, I was performing behavioral experiments on humans.

Lessons Learned, The Finale

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And in retrospect, all that did was present me as someone who appeared to have a need to be different or special, and a need for everyone to know what I believed in, whether or not they even cared. Films, blogs, books, e-zines, sanctuaries, protests, promotion of adoption (of humans and nonhumans!). After all this time it seems that.

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Tom Regan on the Animal-Rights Movement

Animal Ethics

On the contrary, it is unwittingly to voice the very prejudices it has been the object of the present work to identify and refute.

Beliefs About Animal Rights

Animal Ethics

Forty years ago, the suggestion that nonhuman animals have moral rights—indeed, many of the same rights as human beings—would have been met with incredulous stares, if not outright ridicule. Fast forward to the present.

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Black Bear

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It’s the kind of place that helps you get past the human notion that we’re outside of nature—that there’s this divine, glorious thing called nature, and then there’s us, you know, way above it all and in charge. I had developed the arrogant attitude that my existential plight was unique among humans. At VLS, the financial aid people sit you down during your first semester, I think to assess your grip on the reality of your fiscal present and future.

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Roger Scruton on the Duty to Eat Meat

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From the point of view of religion, however, the question presents a challenge. And I suspect that people become vegetarians for precisely that reason: that by doing so they overcome the residue of guilt that attaches to every form of hubris, and in particular to the hubris of human freedom.

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Save money caring for your pet

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So you finally got that present you have always wanted since you were a little kid. Healthier routines, just like humans a few extra pounds can creep so make sure a sensible diet and plenty of exercise.

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Pet Photography 101 Giveaway

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Darlow presents the information in a simple, straightforward manner that is helpful for photographers of any skill level. Darlow is also a judge in the Humane Society’s annual photography contest the Spay Day Online Pet Photo Contest.

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Pet Safety During Home Improvements

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Infants and pets can present an interesting challenge when you want to get some repairs or remodeling done around the house and the dangers aren’t always obvious. Simple tips to keep pets happy and safe while you work.

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Weird Cat Behaviors (And What They Mean)

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Alternately, this behavior may be a sign of social cohesion, demonstrating her value to the group by presenting a contribution to the group leader (you). Your cat’s antics can say a lot about what they’re thinking.

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"Earthlings" Available as Audio Book

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Earthlings is a feature-length documentary about how dependent human beings are on animals, primarily in five key areas: pets, food, clothing, entertainment and science. Earthlings is considered one of the most persuasive documentaries ever made for its frank, straightforward presentation of the day-to-day practices in some of the largest industries in the world. "Earthlings" is a film about animal abuse narrated by Joaquin Phoenix.

Dog Collars

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Archaeology has demonstrated that humans were crafting collars for their animals at least 7000 years ago and the possibility that this is a conservative estimate is large. Training collars should always be used with an observant human present to prevent accidental harm.

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Animal Ethics

If you care only about human beings (present and future), you will not eat beef. Abstention from beef is overdetermined. If you care only about cows, you will not eat beef. If you care only about the environment, you will not eat beef. If you care only about your health, you will not eat beef. See here

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Expedition Grizzly

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Driven by compassion, Casey and Brutus take a yearlong odyssey to shed light on Yellowstone’s “island” population of about 600 grizzlies, hemmed in on all sides by roads and human settlement.

Tom Regan on Cruelty

Animal Ethics

Indeed, precisely because one expects indifference from animals but pity or mercy from human beings, people who are cruel by being insensitive to the suffering they cause often are called "animals" or "brutes," and their character or behavior, "brutal" or "inhuman."

Book: Scent of the Missing

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I really enjoyed getting a look into a world that few people will ever really know, and especially getting to know the human dog bonds that go into such work. What I didn’t realize is how my work with Puzzle in the search field would improve my communication with other humans, too.

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J. Baird Callicott on the Catastrophe of Vegetarianism

Animal Ethics

From the ecological point of view, for human beings universally to become vegetarians is tantamount to a shift of trophic niche from omnivore with carnivorous preferences to herbivore. It represents an increase in the efficiency of the conversion of solar energy from plant to human biomass, and thus, by bypassing animal intermediates, increases available food resources for human beings. more than under present circumstances.

R. G. Frey on Egoism and Utilitarianism

Animal Ethics

As we saw earlier, virtually all utilitarians, present-day as well as classical, have wanted the scope of the principle of utility extended to animals, or, in any event, to the 'higher' animals. In addition to an explanation of utility, however, there is another integral part to the principle of utility; this is its scope. It must be made clear that it is the act's consequences as affecting everyone and not just the agent himself which are to be considered.

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J. J. C. Smart on the Moral Elite

Animal Ethics

This last implies of course an improvement in ethics, as opposed to morality, as I have defined it, unless we already understand 'Do as you would be done by' as applicable to whales, cattle, chickens, and so on, as it is to human beings.

Jane Goodall Live

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Her work at Gombe Stream became the foundation of future primatological research and redefined the relationship between humans and animals. Angelina Jolie and Jane Goodall photo by Eric Liebowitz. Animal lovers, this is a very special event!

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