Your Dog and Fleas

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Similar to a human reaction to a mosquito bite. Hot spots; these are red, open wounds caused by licking and biting the skin. It can be used on humans as well, and does not smell bad. For more information about dog fleas, causes, treatment options, information about dog fleas on humans and more, please visit pet careDog fleas cause itching and discomfort in your dog. Not only are they annoying, they can cause serious health problems.

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Black Bear

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During a brief moment of insanity after the death of my pet kitty Brady in 1991 (at the age of 17), I attended Vermont Law School to study Environmental Law. It’s the kind of place that helps you get past the human notion that we’re outside of nature—that there’s this divine, glorious thing called nature, and then there’s us, you know, way above it all and in charge. I had developed the arrogant attitude that my existential plight was unique among humans.

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An Open Letter to Outdoor/Feral Cat Supporters

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I look at the photo, and am enraged by how cruel and callous human beings can be. I look at these birds, and am enraged by how cruel and callous human beings can be. Can you convince yourselves that your cat does not kill birds, when statistics show pet cats only bring home 23% of their kills? It’s so much easier to delete a picture than to end the life of a mortally wounded cat-caught bird, like this Downy Woodpecker … who is alive, but not for long.

Debbie Souza-Pappas: Our Trapped Golden Eagle

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The wound was also very contaminated with dirt and debris. Ipsen of Payson Family Pet Hospital in Payson, Utah, is our wildlife vet and very skilled at orthopedic surgeries. With human patients, it’s easy – you put them in a hospital bed and tell them to ‘stay still.’ Please visit Second Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation’s Facebook page and website , as well as the website of Payson Family Pet Hospital.

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Ingrid Taylar: Bridging the Divide Between Cat and Bird Lovers

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I’d been volunteering at rescues through my young adulthood, and I was training as a cat socializer, teaching terrified felines — the unlucky victims of cruel people — to trust humans again. The humans behind a wildlife intake desk, the volunteers and rehabilitators, are people who sacrifice their mornings, afternoons and sleepless nights in the service of birds like the one I’d just brought in. All of these afflictions are human-caused and largely preventable.

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The Medicine Bird

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Tamarack’s veterinarian, Dr. Kevin Ramey of Animal Ark Pet Hospital in Erie, PA (who donates his time), treated her with non-steroidal anti-inflammatories and antibiotics, then five days later, surgically removed one hopelessly damaged talon. Rehabilitators at Tamarack are now treating the redtail with antioxidants as well as providing hydrotherapy and continuing wound care, all the while trying to handle her as little as humanly possible.

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