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Debbie Souza-Pappas: Our Trapped Golden Eagle

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The wound was also very contaminated with dirt and debris. Ipsen of Payson Family Pet Hospital in Payson, Utah, is our wildlife vet and very skilled at orthopedic surgeries. He has been our vet for many years and sees many of our patients in need of surgery. With human patients, it’s easy – you put them in a hospital bed and tell them to ‘stay still.’

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Ingrid Taylar: Bridging the Divide Between Cat and Bird Lovers

10,000 Birds

I’d been volunteering at rescues through my young adulthood, and I was training as a cat socializer, teaching terrified felines — the unlucky victims of cruel people — to trust humans again. The humans behind a wildlife intake desk, the volunteers and rehabilitators, are people who sacrifice their mornings, afternoons and sleepless nights in the service of birds like the one I’d just brought in. All of these afflictions are human-caused and largely preventable.

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