Beartooth Humane Alliance

4 The Love Of Animals

I love this promotional video from the folks at Beartooth Humane Alliance in Montana! Beartooth Humane Alliance originally appeared on 4 The Love of Animals on September 9, 2010. A great sense of humor, and a good cause too!

Humane 141

On the Renewed Debate Over Horse Slaughter

Animal Person

Butcher (no joke) from Montana: " “No one has to send a horse to a processing plant. And it’s much more humane than leaving them there to starve to death.”. There are entire countries filled with starving people--do we think killing them is a "humane" idea? " Surge in Abandoned Horses Renews Debate Over Slaughterhouses " in today's New York Times begs a lot of questions that I wonder how you would answer.