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I understand how someone who supports the Humane Society of the United States might think an event celebrating "humane" farms would be a good id, as HSUS isn't an animal rights organization. Thanks, once again, to James LaVeck and Jenny Stein of Tribe of Heart for kindly and carefully bringing attention to what should be a stunningly-obvious moment of hypocrisy by groups that exist to advocate for and save animals.

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On Thanking Slaughtered Sheep for Book Awards

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She expressed her gratitude for those she kills in her book, as well: "When I first ate a meal from one of our lambs, I thought I'd be upset, since it'd been so hard to take them to the abbattoir. But instead of being sad or upset at the lamb chop on my plate, I was overcome with gratitude. But none of this should be surprising, as you may recall that Friend wrote a "Letter to My Lambs," also in her award-winning book, where she claimed to love them and honor them.

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On Objections to Slaughterhouses Not Sandwich Shops

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I think I'm going to start a contest for the most absurd/ironic/bizarre sentence to come out of the mouth of a human each week. Briefly: Zoning board in Buffalo unanimously approved plans for a slaughterhouse (as in, a place where chickens, goats, lambs and calves will be killed and chopped up). I'd have to narrow it down to published sentences, just to be fair; I wouldn't want to get into any he said/she said situations.

Gordon Ramsey Disappoints Me

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He's more human and sensitive on the show. When I watch Top Chef, these people can hardly make a chocolate cake without throwing some lamb in there. I know, I know, I shouldn't be surprised. The guy is a real jerk on Hell's Kitchen, but we watch him on the British show Kitchen Nightmares and I've learned a lot from the guy. And he has such a sense and love of food. But, according to my husband, the guy hates vegetarians and won't allow his daughter to marry one. What the f^&^!

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US Retailers Concerned Over Australia's Delay in Ending Mulesing

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I think it's just another example of short-term vs. long-term thinking, to which all humans are victim. Mulesing, in which woolgrowers surgically remove parts of merino lambs' rears to prevent potentially fatal flystrike, has sparked demonstrations and litigation by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Such an awful practice. But, as is typical with many large industries, there is a resistance to change unless there is a clear and immediate profit windfall.

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Just as with humans, flaxseed oil is essential for preventing cardiovascular issues. Unlike humans, however, one should administer only the oil form, not the pill form, to your canine sweetheart. Move it Around : Rather than feeding your dog a steady diet of beef or lamb or fish, switch the proteins every once in a while. By giving him beef one month, lamb the next month and turkey the next, etc., HOW TO HAVE ONE FIT & FABULOUS FIDO.

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Gardner Williams (1895-1972) on Wronging Animals

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But enlightened public opinion in human society approves of man's carnivorous behavior. Anyone who loves little lambs in a personal way more than he loves lamb chops in a gustatory way ought to forego the latter delicacies. The moral issue, when a man eats lamb chops, is not: Does he gain more value than the lambs have lost by dying so young? An accurate quantitative comparison of the value he gains with that which the lamb loses is really impossible.

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From the Mailbag

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Lambs, goats, birds were sacrificed at home, at temples and on altars themselves. The animals took the place of humans. We humans did not have to die for our sins—innocent, pure animals took our place. Through the course of history, countless animals died to save human souls. Before the time of Jesus, humans found their salvation through animal sacrifice. Dear Keith, Hi. I love your blog.

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From Today's New York Times

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We encourage kids to gently pet baby lambs, cows, chickens and pigs, but we deny them this loving connection when we serve animals for dinner by surreptitiously calling them chops, hamburger, nuggets and bacon. There is no happy ending for even the most humanely raised animal.

Henry S. Salt (1851-1939) on Consistency

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To pretend that in our complex modern society, where responsibilities are so closely interwoven, it is possible for any individual to cultivate "a perfect character," and stand like a Sir Galahad above his fellows—this is the false ideal of consistency which it is the first business of a genuine reformer to put aside; for no human being can do any solid work without frequently convicting himself of inconsistencies when consistency is stereotyped into a formula.

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Meat, Cancer, and the Cumulative Case for Ethical Vegetarianism

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For example, Carl Cohen, who has argued at length that animals don’t have rights, admits: If animals feel pain (and certainly mammals do,), we humans surely ought cause no pain to them that cannot be justified. So, in support of (6), one can offer the following premise: (7) In modern societies, meat consumption is in no way necessary for human survival.