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Montana Legislature Proposes Horse Slaughter Facility

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It's that if you don't have the funds, and you don't have the feed, and don't have the place to keep them, and they are old, and they are no longer going to work for what you need them for, it's a place for them to go," said Billings Livestock and Horse Sale's Jenn Parker. Maybe then can call it Horse Haven. Tags: horse Great, just after we managed to get rid of the last one "It doesn't mean you have to do it.

Montana Horse Slaughter Bill Not Vetoed

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From Elizabeth Forel, of the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages. On Friday, April 3rd, Montana Governor Brain Schweitzer returned House Bill 418 to the legislature with suggestions for amendments. Tell the governor's office that (live) horses are a symbol of the American West and Montana should not want to be known as the horse slaughter capitol of the country. The letter was written to the Montana legislature.

Missouri Legislature Attacks Horse Activist

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Missouri is going to vote on allowing horse slaughterhouses back into the State. Some of the legislators started harassing the horse activist. Some legislators programmed their e-mail systems to forward any message containing the word "horse" to Shoss. Tags: Stupid legislation horse slaughter Missouri Now this is just juvenile.