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Animal Person

These people were certain that Haiti’s president Jean-Bertrand Aristide had been ousted by the CIA in 2004 because he proposed a minimum wage increase, like Zelaya’s. I was told by a Panamanian bank vice president, “Every multinational knows that if Honduras raises its hourly rate, the rest of Latin America and the Caribbean will have to follow. Haiti and Honduras have always set the bottom line for minimum wages.

On Alienating the Neighbors

Animal Person

Because she was very busy with finals, she left Izzy with her parents, who had never had a dog in their lives (she said it was a cultural thing--they're from Haiti and don't have the same relationship with dogs as we do in the United States, and having been to Haiti I know what she's talking about). First of all, I think it's time I start vlogging, like Elaine does.

Haiti 100

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November is. Awareness Month

Animal Person

Haiti doesn't allow people from the Church of the Latter-Day Saints to adopt. Is raising a good citizen of the planet more important than the carbon footprints of two vegans who live relatively modest lives? My inbox this month has informed me that November is Vegan Awareness Month! And Diabetes Awareness Month. And Adoption Awareness Month. Who knew November was such a potentially-informative month? Here's my attempt to bring it all together in an Animal Person post.

Unlikely Healer Walks on Three Paws

4 The Love Of Animals

Gazing at Cathy Conheim, a psychotherapist raised to hate cats because they ate birds, and Donna Brooks, a retired physician and sculptor who had never had a cat, but always reached out to heal anyone who was hurting, the kitten eyed them hopefully.

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