Another Fake Animal Welfare Group

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I was browsing for some quotes when I came across this group - The National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA). The National Animal Interest Alliance is an association of business, agricultural, scientific, and recreational interests dedicated to promoting animal welfare, supporting responsible animal use and strengthening the bond between humans and animals.

Group Seeks to Ban Chinese Fur Trade with Australia

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Humane Society International (HSI) called on Wednesday for a ban on the fur trade to Australia. The call was issued after the animal rights group discovered that the fur were sourced from the raccoon dog in China, ABC Radio Australia reports. About 10 million dogs in China are killed for their fur, prompting an animal rights group to seek a ban on fur trade to Australia. GRUESOME! Excerpted from the International Business Times.

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Scientist Advocacy Group Oppose Some Animal Testing

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Here's a group I've never heard of. I found a link to them on ANIMAL's blog (ANIMAL is a Portuguese animal rights group.) These scientists are NOT an animal rights group. Our primary concern is the advancement of investigative methodologies that lead to effective cures and treatments for human diseases. They do support some animal-based studies (which sucks); HOWEVER, they acknowledge that much animal research is useless.

Humane Society Calls for Refuge for 9 Chimps

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This is the same place that was nailed by a Humane Society undercover investigation. The Humane Society wants 9 chimps that are not being "used" as part of experiments to be released to a sanctuary. Jeff Rowell, NIRC director, in an e-mail Wednesday} "said the nine remaining animals are being housed as a family group at the center with access to indoor-outdoor caging. Tags: chimpanzees animal research humane society chimp haven new iberia research center primates

Humane 100

Whales Share Some Human Traits, Study Shows

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As the future of whales once more comes under global debate, some scientists say the marine mammals are not only smarter than thought but also share several attributes once claimed as exclusively human. Self-awareness, suffering and a social culture along with high mental abilities are a hallmark of cetaceans, an order grouping more than 80 whales, dolphins and porpoises, say marine biologists. From the AFP.

Whales 100

Tom Regan on Human Chauvinism

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This is human chauvinism. The anthropomorphic side reads: "It is anthropomorphic to attribute characteristics to nonhumans that belong only to humans." There is a neglected other side to the anthropomorphic coin.

Unexpected Farm Animal Deal in Ohio

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To me, it's another example of the Humane Society's growing savvy and clout in the US. Animal welfare groups led by the Humane Society of the United States have agreed to abandon a fall ballot issue against animal cruelty as part of a deal with state farm groups brokered by Gov. Tags: ohio humane society farm animal welfare I know many will disagree with me and say it's a cop-out, but I'll take what I can get. From the Associated Press.

Ohio 109

Eating Eggs is Eating Cruelty

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There have been countless investigations of egg farms conducted by animals rights groups in the United States, and each time we see the same things: dead hens in cages with live ones, birds who have lost their feathers from stress, and egregious abuse of these beautiful birds by farm workers.

Chimpanzees are NOT “Pets”

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Travis, like all other chimps, no matter how many amazing “human-like&# behaviors they exhibit, are still wild animals who do not belong to anybody else, and who will undoubtedly revert back to their instincts eventually.

Feral 52

Meat with No Feet!?

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research firm New Harvest is just one group developing the technology to actually clone meat cells without the need, expense, or health concerns of raising entire legions of beasts to slaughter.&# If we could produce cloned meat in controlled environments, it could mean amazing things for our environment, human health, and for the animals that people currently eat. If I knew that the meat was humane and safe, I wouldn’t have a problem with it ethically at all.

Meat 40

Please Share "Silencing the Lambs"

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Thanks, once again, to James LaVeck and Jenny Stein of Tribe of Heart for kindly and carefully bringing attention to what should be a stunningly-obvious moment of hypocrisy by groups that exist to advocate for and save animals. I understand how someone who supports the Humane Society of the United States might think an event celebrating "humane" farms would be a good id, as HSUS isn't an animal rights organization.

Lamb 133

On Fighting for "Animal Rights"

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would call HSUS an animal rights group (after all, HSUS doesn't even do that). They don't satisfy all of the requirements of Francione, but their goal is the abolition of the use of sentient nonhumans by humans. Fighting to maintain the integrity of the words humane, love, euthanasia or compassion, is also fighting for animals. Being featured on ARZone's worldwide Live Guest Chat has reinvigorated my thinking about a couple of topics ( here 's the transcript).

On "Animal Activism"

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With more than 2 million members across the globe, PETA is the largest animal advocacy group and comparable in size to the human rights organization, Amnesty International. First, note that now PeTA is an "animal advocacy group." So there are more vegans and fewer animals used by humans, right? The tactics have made PeTA "the largest animal advocacy group" "with more than 2 million members across the globe." It's not about making a gigantic group even bigger.

PETA 103

SPECIESISM, by Joan Dunayer, Part Deux

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Here are some of the my favorite quotes: In reality, species don't evolve toward greater humanness but toward greater adaptiveness in their ecological niche (105). No living group of nonhuman animals--no existing species of invertebrate, fish, amphibian, reptile, bird or nonhuman mammal--is ancestral to humans. No nonhuman alive today belongs to the same species as some ancestor of humans. Today's nonhuman apes don't represent earlier stages in human development.

Forget About Equal, How About Alive

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what if those were human babies? Desperate to drive up prices by stemming the gusher of unwanted milk, a dairy industry group, the National Milk Producers Federation, has been paying farmers to send herds to slaughter. You may have seen "Dog," posted by Stephanie. If not, here it is.

Cows 138

Is fostering the answer? We think it is.

4 The Love Of Animals

Animals in the tri-state area are euthanized daily, rescue groups are unable to save as many lives as they wish, and animals spend years in boarding kennels while awaiting adopters to fall in love with them. You will have the full support of the rescue group.

2014 277

Preparing for the Onslaught

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Here's today's question: When a group of omnivores begins the inevitable round of jokes about veganism and even about slaughter ("I love turkeys--with sweet potatoes," or my cousin this week on Facebook, "I love the cow, therefore I eat her cheese," or something equally insensitive and ignorant), what do you do? I note the size because many people find it easier to have a serious conversation one-on-one, but in a larger group the dynamic is different. Not humans, not animals."

Turkey 107

On "Wild Justice"

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" Wild Justice: The Moral Lives of Animals ," By Marc Bekoff and Jessica Pierce, is the most recent (for me) book that debunks myths about the differences between human and nonhuman animals. The scientific investigation of morality, in humans and nonhumans alike, is in its infancy" (39).

Morals 130

Fix Nation

4 The Love Of Animals

The group has more than 7,000 volunteers locally who do this. The group, founded in 2007, also provides a free, full-time spay and neuter clinic for homeless stray and feral cats, plus low-cost, spay and neuter services for tame pet cats.

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Ways to Promote Alliance Politics

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Chris from Beijing works to get books translated for the groups he works with, and I can say for certain that you'd never take your access to books for granted again if you heard what he has to go through to get books to China.

2009 130

On "Compassion," "Nonviolence" and "Justice"

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Both animal rights groups and animal welfare groups use "compassion" frequently. Being vegan because you want to live as nonviolently as possible and you don't want to contribute to violence and you don't want to respond to violence with violence is admirable to some, though refusing to support the defense of sentient nonhumans when you probably would if they were humans bothers me. Why all the quotation marks?

On What the Animal Ag Alliance Thinks of Us

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According to Parker, here are the threats: the ALF, the ELF, SHAC, PeTA and the oddest member of the group, the HSUS. The Humane Society of the United States is the big bully on this strange playground. Often confused with American Humane Association, they raise tens of millions, not to ‘save the animals’ as most people assume but to further the causes of vegetarianism and ending animal agriculture."

National Animal Rights Conference in LA Starts July 16

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Some of the groups attending will be: FARM In Defense of Animals Sea Shepherd ACT Radio Anti-Fur Society E/Environmental Mag Eko Zone Healing Species League of Humane Voters Mercy For Animals Stop Animal Exploitation Now! You can sign up here. Vegetarian Times VegNews Magazine The link came from ALF, but they aren't listed on the site. It sounds like they are participating in some form or another.

On Altruism and Compassion in Economic Systems

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Here's a quote from the homepage of the conference's site, : "The ongoing global financial crisis shows clearly just how vulnerable economic systems are to human behavior, particularly to corruption and greed. But can we really imagine an economic system that delivers prosperity and welfare, or is competition an unavoidable consequence of the human race?

Organizations Putting Animals First

4 The Love Of Animals

Formed in 2007, this organization seeks to promote the humane treatment of animals by promoting effective animal sanctuary management. Led by professionals who have experience with organizations such as the Humane Society of the United States, the group is definitely not new to the issues surrounding animals worldwide. The group offers information on everything from how to start an accredited, recognized sanctuary, to the best was to acquire necessary resources.

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Animal Cruelty at Texas Horse Farm

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The Humane Society of the United States, SPCA of East Texas and Humane Society of North Texas worked with the Smith County District Attorney's Office to rescue 50 horses from a Lindale property. The group also included pregnant mares and a few yearlings. 50 surviving horses were rescued. For the full story, go here to

Ultimate hosPETality Getaway

4 The Love Of Animals

Two round trip tickets on JetBlue for human passengers. Quaker Pet Group & Republic of Paws Ultimate Legacy Pet Carrier. Kimpton’s second, annual Paw-parazzi contest , going on now through May 31, 2012.

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Best Welcome Home Ever

4 The Love Of Animals

We hope that others find inspiration in these greetings and will look to their local shelter or rescue group to adopt their own furry welcoming committee into their lives.”. It can be a leap into your arms, a friendly lick or a little nuzzle on your cheek.

2012 176

Just Two Lessons Learned for Today

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If that's what makes the people in that particular insider group happy, that's fine. We humans can't even agree on what happened in the past. I've decided that 20 lessons is a good number to stop at, and today I'll discuss what are probably the two most controversial ones, about the animal rights movement. Lesson #11. The Appeal of Cliques The first six Lessons Learned from 4 Years of Animal Person and numbers 7-10 hinted about cliques, but only the negative aspects.

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Deconstructing Slate's "Pepper" Series

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For Engber, who dispassionately describes procedures most of the time, the "advances" in the medical care of humans are all well worth what he and other vivisectionists do to dogs and other sentient nonhumans. By the end of my time as researcher, I was performing behavioral experiments on humans. I'm sure we could do a much better job of ensuring the humane treatment of our laboratory animals--but at this point it's very difficult even to start the discussion.

PETA Buying Corporate Stock

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After PETA bought stock, Safeway grocery stores and restaurant companies Ruby Tuesday, Sonic and Burger King agreed to give purchasing preference to suppliers that abide by what the group says are more humane rules, such as not confining chicken and hogs in small cages, she said. I'm sure this is old news, but PETA keeps buying corporate stock to gain influence in corporate decision-making. I think this is a great strategy. From the AP.

PETA 100

Tests Involving the Burial of LIVE PIGS Are Halted

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An experiment in which anesthetized pigs were buried alive in snow to learn how humans live or die in avalanches was halted today in Austria after animal-rights groups denounced the research as cruel and useless. Well, there's always some unexpected nonsense to discover. From USA Today.

Pigs 100

Melange Monday

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Ian says, regarding " Veterinarians Train Sealers to Kill Humanely, " that "veterinarians very often do not care about animals but rather are more like auto mechanics who are providing a service for humans (that service may be to save an animal or kill an animal, etc)." Finally, there's an alert from Susan Hargreaves, who is a humane educator here in South Florida (via Trish). See Tim Gorski's (from Rattle the Cage) 2 minute video about humane.

On Bestiality

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Now, mind you there are people who are actually mentally ill in the sense they 'can't get it up' without thinking of their mate as a fantasized non-human animal, I should mention this also includes mythological animals. One good acquaintance I could probably call a friend is an ethics professor who flies back and forth from Texas to China frequently argued in a group pertaining to bestiality.

Update on National Meat Association vs. Brown

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A coalition of animal protection groups consisting of the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF), the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), Farm Sanctuary, and the Humane Farming Association (HFA), intervened in the case to ensure that the interests of animals and the public were represented. Did anyone know this was going on? The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit recently heard arguments in National Meat Association v.

Meat 100

When You Have to Make a Choice About Your Beliefs

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This has been a very difficult decision for me, because I have such good friends in the group. I thought I could stay with the group because she does give me fodder for the blog. Here's my email to my closest friends in the group. These are core issues to me that are an integral part to who I am as a human being. I can't tell her what I think of her because of respect for my friends in the group whom I dearly love.

We Interrupt Regularly Scheduled.

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President Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder had been a Covington partner and a defender of Chiquita when the company was accused of hiring “assassination squads” in Colombia (Chiquita was found guilty, admitting that it had paid organizations listed by the US government as terrorist groups “for protection” and agreeing in 2004 to a $25 million fine). (3)

Sri Lanka Attempts to Establish Animal Research Guidelines

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The guidelines have been compiled by the Forum of Ethics Review Committees of Sri Lanka and the Ethics Review Committee (ERC) of the Colombo Medical Faculty after several sessions of consultations with a wide and varied group including academics from all universities across the country, government officials and animal welfare groups. From the Sunday Times in Sri Lanka.

Court Overrules Federal Government on Wolf ESA Decision

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It's in response to a lawsuit filed by several environmental groups, including The Humane Society of the United States. Good news for wolves in the Great Lakes area. TRAVERSE CITY - State officials say they're not pleased with a federal court's ruling overturning the government's decision to remove the gray wolf from the endangered species list for the Great Lakes region. The ruling today affects wolves in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Black Bear

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It’s the kind of place that helps you get past the human notion that we’re outside of nature—that there’s this divine, glorious thing called nature, and then there’s us, you know, way above it all and in charge. I had developed the arrogant attitude that my existential plight was unique among humans. A group of law school students walked far out of their way to avoid the sight.

Bears 101

Air Canada To Stop Shipping Lab Primates

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Animal advocacy groups have been lobbying for this for a while. Today, more than 40 animal advocacy organizations across Canada praised Air Canada for its recent decision to stop shipping non-human primates into the country for use in research laboratories. Excellent news! Thank you Air Canada! The announcement below comes verbatim from the Pacific Free Press.they still need approval from the Canadian Transportation Agency though.

NEW LIVES: Stories of Rescued Dogs Helping, Healing and Giving Hope

4 The Love Of Animals

It tells of 18 dogs who were rescued from shelters and the streets, who are now performing miracles in animal therapy and as service dogs The foreword is written by Dr. Marty Becker (Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul), and cover endorsements are from both the ASPCA and the Humane Society.

2010 164

Unlikely Healer Walks on Three Paws

4 The Love Of Animals

Cathy discovered that speaking through Henry, in his voice, gave her a freedom of expression she did not have in her standard therapeutic role, and Henry’s voice became the easiest way to reach and teach humans. Any animal group in the world can use these materials as fundraising tools.

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