Baby Gorilla Rescued from Snare in Rwanda

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Back in February, a three-year-old gorilla was caught in a poacher's snare meant for antelope. Fortunately, wildlife staff from the Karisoke Research Center discovered it and it's okay now. Here's the story from the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund website. Tags: rwanda africa animal rescue poaching gorilla

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Chimpanzees Mourn Their Dead?

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I've read of the mountain gorillas in Virunga grieving over the loss of a silverback. This is because they quote some guy from the USC Jane Goodall Research Center who throws doubt on the premise. Tags: chimpanzees jane goodall animal research A couple of studies imply that chimpanzees may mourn their dead. I believe they do. I believe that great apes do have that capacity. Heck, even my cats visibly missed old Charlotte who died last August.

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