Search Begins for Mountain Gorillas

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Now that the rangers have been allowed back into Virunga, they are going to conduct a census to determine what's happened to the mountain gorillas living there. Another nagging worry remains: the gorillas simply won't be there any more. Over the next month he and his staff will conduct a census of the mountain gorillas, hoping to find the population of roughly 200 unaffected by the tempest that has raged around them in the past 18 months.

Mountain Gorilla Ranger Slain in the Congo

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Protecting mountain gorillas in the Congo is dangerous work. Just last week, a 33-year-old ranger was killed by Mai Mai rebels. Tags: virunga war congo gorillas endangered species Mai Mai rebels are described as community-based militia groups frequently involved in banditry. Another ranger was wounded in the attack and a rebel was captured. That arrest has resulted in several leads in the investigation.

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Things Continue to Look Up for Mountain Gorillas

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The Rangers in Virunga can continue their daily routines of removing poachers snares (536 snares were found during the recent census taking), filming newborn gorillas and simply enjoying the results of their tremendous sacrifices to protect the gorillas. Over 150 rangers have been killed on duty in this park in the past decade. Rangers are able to identify individual gorillas because each animal's nose is uniquely patterned.

So Far, Mountain Gorilla Deaths Only from Natural Causes

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Pretty amazing that the 7 mountain gorilla deaths recorded thus far in Virunga have all been due to natural causes. Two of the deaths were newborns killed by a silverback. Tags: virunga gorilla congo Remember that Virunga National Park has been under Congolese rebel control since 2007 and the park rangers have only just been allowed back in. The rest were adults that died from illness or age.

Six Thousand Leave Virunga, One Ranger Killed

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Six thousand people (over 1,000 Congolese soldiers with their families) have left Virunga National Forest where so many of the remaining mountain gorillas live. Sadly, though, another ranger in the Congolese Wildlife Authority was killed by rebel guns. Tags: virunga gorilla congo This development is the result of an agreement between the army and the Congolese Wildlife Authority. It's great news because it takes stress off the habitat and the species.

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Former Virunga Park Officials In Prison

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The imprisonment of the Rangers comes after a lengthy trial in the North Kivu province courts initiated after the July 2007 massacre of 5 mountain gorillas that was met with outrage around the globe. Not guilty of gorilla killings - guilty of illegal charcoaling The Wildlife Officers were charged by the Congolese Wildlife Authority with the "destruction of flora and fauna" under Wildlife Law OL 069-41 of August 1969. And these particular guys deserve it.

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Animals Dying in Virunga National Forest

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Dozens of animals have been killed by armed groups at Africa's oldest national park in the Democratic Republic of Congo since the start of the year, park officials and environmental groups said Tuesday. Four chimpanzees were killed last week in the central zone and 11 elephants since the start of the year," park director Emmanuel de Merode told AFP. Tags: virunga africa congo gorillas endangered species Lots of animals have died since the beginning of the year. From AFP.

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From Today's Los Angeles Times

Animal Ethics

To the editor: The gorilla Harambe’s killing at the Cincinnati Zoo surely calls our society to ask if it is moral or just to keep animals in a prison to be used, at worst, as objects of entertainment or, at best, under the guise of “education.” (“ Harambe the gorilla dies, meat-eaters grieve ,” Opinion, June 5) Is there no accountability on the part of the parents of the child who found himself in the gorilla exhibit?

Elephants Missing in Chad, Presumed Poached

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This situation sounds a lot like the the mountain gorillas, the Congo and Virunga National Park. Several park guards have been shot and killed in recent years. Elephants in Zakouma National Park, the last stronghold for the savannah elephants of Central Africa's Sahel region, have crashed to just 1,000 animals from an estimated 3,000 in 2006. Ivory poachers using automatic weapons have decimated elephant populations - particularly when herds migrate seasonally outside of the park.

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Questionable Practices at the Calgary Zoo

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In November 2008, a virus killed a 15-month-old Asian elephant calf named Malti. Zoo patrons were shocked to see Barika, a western lowland gorilla, holding a knife and apparently pointing it at another primate in the enclosure. Another animal dies at the Calgary Zoo and more questions are being raised about their practices. Look at all these incidents that have occurred there (listed in the Montreal Gazette article in the above link).I

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The Emotional Lives of Animals

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Chimpanzees and elephants grieve the loss of family and friends, and gorillas hold wakes for the dead. Donna Fernandes, president of the Buffalo Zoo, witnessed a wake for a female gorilla, Babs, who had died of cancer at Boston’s Franklin Park Zoo. She says the gorilla’s longtime mate howled and banged his chest; picked up a piece of celery, Babs’ favorite food; put it in her hand; and tried to get her to wake up.

Come@Me: Hunting Is Not Conservation

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The definition of the word HUNT is “to chase or search for game or other wild animals for the purpose of catching or killing.” One is defined as catching or killing and the other as keeping from injury. Lacey of Iowa introduced the nation’s first wildlife-protection law, which banned the interstate shipping of unlawfully killed game. Why would any human being think that killing a Giraffe ( Giraffa ) is a good idea?

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