Study Claims Islamic Slaughtering More Humane

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It therefore may come as a surprise to those who have made such acclamations to learn of the results of a study carried out by Professor Wilhelm Schulze and his colleague Dr. Hazim at the School of Veterinary Medicine, Hannover University in Germany. Tags: islam Slaughterhouse Germany cows I came across this strange article about German research on which slaughter method creates more pain for the animal: the Western method of stunning or the Islamic method of a cut to the neck.

German Court Bans PETA "Holocaust" Campaign

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Touchy subject there in Germany. The court ruled that the PETA campaign, called The Holocaust on your Plate, violated human dignity: "In Germany, the word Holocaust will long remain synonymous with a very specific crime which is beyond any comparison, let alone any attempt to market it with a view to a publicity campaign.". PETA wants to run a campaign that compares factory farming to the Holocaust.

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Ottawa to Lobby EU Against Seal Ban

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Federal Fisheries Minister Gail Shea said Monday that Canadian officials will meet with EU politicians in a bid to convince them that Canada's commercial seal hunt is humane and should be exempt from a proposed seal import ban.A ban could deliver a devastating blow to Atlantic Canadian fishermen who rely on the annual hunt as a source of income, shutting down critical shipment points, including Holland and Germany. They must really be nervous.

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Steven M. Wise on Legal Rights for Animals

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But a change in the common law (which Germany does not have) may be the most likely of all. And as long as society awards personhood to non-autonomous humans, such as the very young, the severely retarded, and the persistently vegetative, then it must also award basic rights, as a matter of equality as well, to nonhuman animals with practical autonomy. Rowan, Public Policy Series [Washington, DC: Humane Society Press, 2003], 99-105, at 103 [endnotes omitted

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From Today's New York Times

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The United States is losing its historic leadership position in international nature conservation, as countries like Germany, Norway, Britain and others have made financial pledges that begin to dwarf United States yearly financing rates to address deforestation and species conservation. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking on species, which are the basis of ecosystems that give us fresh air, water and countless other natural resources necessary for human well-being worldwide.

The Secrets Inside Your Dog’s Mind

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No one in the room–neither dog nor human–can tell which cup hides the biscuit. Understanding a pointed finger may seem easy, but consider this: while humans and canines can do it naturally, no other known species in the animal kingdom can. Hare and others are trying to figure out how the intimate coexistence of humans and dogs has shaped the animal’s remarkable abilities. “Humans are unique. The Secrets Inside Your Dog’s Mind.

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