Power Companies and Springtime Tree Removal

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Maggie Ciarcia, a solo wildlife rehabilitator in Carmel, NY specializing in small mammals and game birds, received a notice from New York State Electric and Gas that tree trimming was scheduled for her neighborhood and someone would contact her. No wildlife rescue required.

Kathy Hershey: Parker, the Playground’s Vulture

10,000 Birds

Today’s blog was written by Kathy Hershey, co-founder of Utopia Wildlife Rehabilitators in Hope, Indiana. After school and on weekends he’d attend soccer games and hang around playgrounds, preferring to spectate from the playground equipment. Local animal control, the police, and our rehabilitation center were all called, but he proved uncatchable. One Monday we got a call from one of the officers: “Hey, we’ve got to up our game!

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Shutting Your Trap

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I knew the wildlife. What you did was illegal,” he said. I have a book about injured wildlife coming out soon, and I couldn’t buy better publicity.”. Not only did we convince the local head of PRH that DEC was horning in on his territory, we managed to drag the president of the nearby Fish and Game Club – who personally detested trapping – into the fray. Birds Conservation Great Horned Owl leghold traps Red-tailed Hawk wildlife rehabilitators

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Trumpeter Swans: Don’t Shoot Them

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This morning’s news had this: During this year’s open of waterfowl season, the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center admitted more trumpeter swans for bullet wounds than ever before. … It’s illegal to shoot trumpeter swans in Minnesota. The executive director of the Wildlife Rehab Center, Phil Jenni, isn’t sure if [a particular shooting] shooting was intentional.

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