Ivory Bigger than Drugs in Africa

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Trafficking in ivory and game meat has become one of the most lucrative illegal trades in Africa due to rising demand in Asia, experts said on Friday. "In In terms of monetary value, ivory trade has surpassed drugs and is now one of the most thriving illegal trade in the continent," said Karl Karugaba, the head of a panel from the Lusaka Agreement Task Force. Tags: wildlife crime ivory africa trafficking asia elephants Sad, sad, sad.

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Lake Tahoe Bear Poached for Gall Bladder

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Mark Lucero of the Department of Fish and Game's Northern Enforcement District. It is illegal to take parts of dead wildlife left on the side of the road, Lucero said. "A The penalty for trafficking in bear parts, a felony, is a $10,000 fine and a minimum six months to one year in prison. Sounds like a crime of opportunity. Beware the disturbing photo.

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