Judge Clears Way for HSUS Suit Over Fur Advertising

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and several other retailers over alleged false advertising over "faux" fur products. The complaint also alleges violations of the federal Fur Products Labeling Act and Federal Trade Commission Act, which also prohibit the false advertising and mislabeling of any fur product. Tags: HSUS fur A federal judge has issued a ruling that clears the way for a lawsuit against Macy's, Saks Fifth Ave.,

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An Animal Rights-Protection-Abolitionist Organization

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I've always thought of horse-drawn carriages the way I think about greyhound racing or fur: Most people are against them, so why are they still around? The Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages calls itself "an animal rights-protection-abolitionist organization," which I find interesting. The well being of the horses should be the ideal of every organization whose mandate is to put animal protection ideals first - especially when they ask for donations based on that mandate.

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5 Sure-Fire Ways to Protect Your Pet From the Ice this Winter

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And while you’re bundled up in your warm jacket and roasting next to a fire, it’s important that your pets are just as protected from the cold as you are—especially smaller pets, old/sickly pets, and new puppies/kittens (they are exceptionally vulnerable to cold). Protect Paws.

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The Recycled Retriever – Here you can find eco-friendly gear for your fur-kids. Tags: Animal Rights Animal Welfare Environmental Concerns Farmed Animals Veganism animal agriculture and the environment Animal Protection Organizations farm sanctuary vegan food Barnivore - This website can help you determine which beers/wines/alcohols are vegan and which aren’t.

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Commissioned Study Shows Namibian Seals Worth More Alive than Dead

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These are the results of a study commissioned by Bont voor Dieren (BvD), Humane Society International (HSI), Respect for Animals (RFA) and the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), and produced by the Australia-based independent economics consultancy Economists at Large. There is a clear economic case for the government to protect these animals.". Seal tourism brings in more revenue for the African country than the seal hunt.

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Animal Rights is Pernicious Nonsense?

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link] Of course, the animal activists don't even really care about the health or welfare of deer herds except to protect them against the "cruel" hunter who killed Bambi's mother. The issue has surfaced again recently, as focussed hunts have been scheduled in Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, with the "animal rights" zealots militating for expensive and basically ineffective birth control practices to curb overpopulation.

Keep pets happy and healthy in the cold months ahead.

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Not all dogs were born with lush fur coats that keep off the winter chill. Breeds with very short fur like Chihuahuas, boxers and greyhounds may have a hard time keeping warm, making even brief walks uncomfortable.

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On Small Victories

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Both, of course, were seen as victories, but the article's author, Richard Foot, asks: Do such successes mean the animal rights movement is winning its long, controversial campaigns to gain the same legal protections for animals as those ascribed to humans? Yesterday's " Do Small Victories Affect Big Picture in Animal Rights Debate? makes some fantastic points that are worth repeating and deconstructing. Here's the set-up: The European Parliament endorsed a ban on seal products.

It’s Only Hygienic

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One problem many dog owners find a concern and nuisance is maintaining their dog’s fur. Professional products for maintaining a healthy clean dog, for example, Furminator products help groom and maintain your dog’s fur.

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When Choosing A Pup, Research ‘Breeds’ Results

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His large pouty eyes, silky fur-coat, and silly little paws on which he fumbled all over the hay-covered kennel, lured me in like a dog to a bone. Protect your pooch. The following is a guest post from Kevin Sloan.

Cool Summer Tips for Your Pet

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Protect them from the sun. Personally, I know I can’t spend more than five minutes outside without a thick layer of sunscreen to protect my pale Irish skin. If you pet has short hair, white fur or pink skin, they may need additional protection when out in the sun over the summer months. Talk to your vet about the best type of sunscreen or any other sun protection for your pet.

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