Group Seeks to Ban Chinese Fur Trade with Australia

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Humane Society International (HSI) called on Wednesday for a ban on the fur trade to Australia. The call was issued after the animal rights group discovered that the fur were sourced from the raccoon dog in China, ABC Radio Australia reports. About 10 million dogs in China are killed for their fur, prompting an animal rights group to seek a ban on fur trade to Australia. The dog fur are used are inside lining for ugg boots. GRUESOME!

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On Google, HSUS and Fur

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Many bloggers who are pro-animal rights have either not used Google's AdSense or stopped because they discovered that, for instance, their anti-fur post was surrounded by ads for fur. pro creating-animals-to-skin-them-for-their-fur. I used to support the Animal Rights Zone until I discovered that my posts were often surrounded by fur ads. link] If Markarian cares about the fur animals of China, he could easily demand that HP stop selling fur on his blog.

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Activists in Mexico Bomb Max Mara Store

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According to a communique received by Bite Back , they did this in protest of Max Mara's use of furs. raised in the infernal fur farms, which are nothing more than concentration camps, where non-human animals are subjugated and forced to live a life of torture and imprisonment waiting for their murder, sick and crazed due to the denial of their wild natures. Max Mara has long been the target of anti-fur activists in Europe and around the world. Tags: fur ALF

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National Animal Rights Conference in LA Starts July 16

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Some of the groups attending will be: FARM In Defense of Animals Sea Shepherd ACT Radio Anti-Fur Society E/Environmental Mag Eko Zone Healing Species League of Humane Voters Mercy For Animals Stop Animal Exploitation Now! You can sign up here. Vegetarian Times VegNews Magazine The link came from ALF, but they aren't listed on the site. It sounds like they are participating in some form or another.

Commissioned Study Shows Namibian Seals Worth More Alive than Dead

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These are the results of a study commissioned by Bont voor Dieren (BvD), Humane Society International (HSI), Respect for Animals (RFA) and the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA), and produced by the Australia-based independent economics consultancy Economists at Large. Seal tourism brings in more revenue for the African country than the seal hunt.

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Seal Industry Tries to Capitalize on Medical Researchers Conjectures

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While I'm not a fan of using animal hearts for transplants, I'm far more sympathetic to that than to simply using their parts for human vanity consumption. Dr. Philippe Pibarot has been studying seal heart valves to see if they might be a better transplant option for humans than those from cows or pigs, believing they may be more durable than the other animal tissue.

"Change of Heart": New Book about Animal Activism

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The author is Nick Cooney and he's the Director of The Humane League, an animal advocacy non-profit with offices in Philadelphia, Boston, and Washington DC. What messages and techniques have been proven effective in getting people to make compassionate decisions like boycotting fur and adopting companion animals instead of buying them? We received an email about a new book being released by Lantern Books.

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Balanced Nutrition is the Key to a Healthy Diet

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It’s very important to get the right balance of protein (humans take note for your diet too)! Fats nourish the skin and make it soft, and they help with a luxurious coat and contribute to shiny fur! We hear a lot about healthy diets, both for people and for pets. What we often don’t hear about is the importance of balanced nutrition. Have you heard the phrase “a little will do a little good; a lot will do a lot of good”?

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Weird Cat Behaviors (And What They Mean)

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Your cat can spend much of its day licking its fur and sharpening its claws (hopefully on a designated scratching post). Licking fur fulfills the same purpose; it stimulates the glands that produce the cat’s marking scent while removing foreign smells. Your cat’s antics can say a lot about what they’re thinking. Cats are funny animals that’s half the reason Youtube exists and they’re funny because so much of what they do seems inexplicable.

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On Small Victories

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Both, of course, were seen as victories, but the article's author, Richard Foot, asks: Do such successes mean the animal rights movement is winning its long, controversial campaigns to gain the same legal protections for animals as those ascribed to humans? As long as humans have anything to gain from using sentient nonhumans, in other words, the latter will always lose. If we don't succeed, well, then it's going to affect all of humanity.

It’s Only Hygienic

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One problem many dog owners find a concern and nuisance is maintaining their dog’s fur. Professional products for maintaining a healthy clean dog, for example, Furminator products help groom and maintain your dog’s fur. Just like humans can take supplements for vitamins to have and protect healthy joints, dogs, cats and horses can also take supplements like Cosequin to improve and maintain your pet’s joints.

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Are You Wearing Man's Best Friend? That Trim on the Hood of Your Jacket Might Be Dog Fur!

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According to this Associated Press story, if you are wearing a Sean John jacket with fur trim purchased from Macy's, that trim might have come from a dog indigenous to Asia known as a "raccoon dog." These dogs (pictured here ) phenotypically resemble raccoons in that they have relatively short legs and bushy fur (and sometimes even have facial markings resembling raccoons), but despite their appearance, they are dogs. We can say "No" to fur.

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Your Dog and Fleas

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Itching and biting the fur; a flea’s saliva will cause your dog to itch and scratch his skin. Similar to a human reaction to a mosquito bite. Soak your dog’s fur with this spray outdoors ( as the fleas may jump off your dog) and comb through. It can be used on humans as well, and does not smell bad. For more information about dog fleas, causes, treatment options, information about dog fleas on humans and more, please visit

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On the Psychological Continuum

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And human psychology says that humans are far more social than rational creatures. And that means for the animal rights movement: Social entities like compassion, empathy and suffering are very important factors to motivate humans to change their behaviour. One of the most important aspects determining human behaviour is their social environment. Humans want to be well integrated into their society and live in harmony with it.

Lucky Me!

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Told from the point-of-view of Rocky, an absolutely adorable rescued pug, this book will show children what it feels like to be a pet without a home; what the inside of a Humane Society looks like; ways to make sure your new pet feels at home, right away; and how animals tell us what they like and what they don’t. Be sure to license your new pet because if your dog or cat gets lost, the Humane Society can find you. Lucky Me. A Children’s Guide to Animal Companionship and Safety.

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5 things to know about pets and pests

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Also, they can hide behind floppy ears or in long fur. Ticks may be transferred to humans. 5 ways to de-bug your pet this spring: Ticks can be difficult to spot. Ticks are tiny, some about the size of a pin head. They can resemble freckles, moles or even specks of dirt. Don’t assume your dog is tick-free just because you can’t readily see one. You may not spend much time outdoors, but if your dog does, then you can get a tick, too. Be sure to give yourself a good check-over.

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Dog Collars

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Archaeology has demonstrated that humans were crafting collars for their animals at least 7000 years ago and the possibility that this is a conservative estimate is large. Flea collars– Flea collars are a simple plastic collar impregnated with chemicals or oils designed to discourage fleas from taking up residence in the choicest part of a dog (from a flea’s perspective), the bushy fur surrounding a dog’s neck. By Augie Berings, Bering’s Hardware.

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Tufted Titmouse Plucking a Raccoon

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There are many tales of a Tufted Titmouse taking hair from humans to use as nest-lining material. Watching a titmouse take hairs from a human is something I have always longed to see but I never considered how cool it might be to see a titmouse take hair from another creature. Naturalists examining old nests have identified raccoon, opossum, dog, fox squirrel, red squirrel, rabbit, horse, cow, cat, mouse, woodchuck, and even human hair in titmouse nests.

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Protect Your Pet From the Ice this Winter

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Knit Your Pet a Sweater—Ok ok, you don’t actually have to knit a sweater from scratch, but dressing your furry friend in warm attire is a great way to keep your pet nice and toasty, especially the smaller and light-fur breeds. Whatever you do you don’t want to shave your pet’s fur—keep it long during the winter. Unlike humans, pets do not regulate their body temperature via sweating—they lose most of their heat through their footpads.

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A Hamster’s Story: The making of a novel

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His fur is growing mangy and patchy. Grooming his fur. Like he was the human and she was the hamster. Hamlet’s organs were shutting down – it was the humane thing to do. Emmie loves her pets. She loves her Jack Russell terriers, Opal and Maddie. She loves her goldfish, Snap, who has been alive for over two years. And her newt, whose name is Sebastian, but she calls Newtty. But most of all Emmie loves Hamlet, her hamster.

From the Mailbag

Animal Ethics

The horrific practice in China of skinning cats and dogs alive for their fur must go down as one of the worst cases of sustained mass cruelty to animals in human history. Every year, more than 2,000,000 cats and dogs are skinned alive in China for their fur. They are left to die slowly in shock and excruciating agony and their bodies fed to the other animals being reared for the slaughter. The horror must be stopped.

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Information On Dog Teeth Cleaning

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Oral care is just as important for a dog as grooming his fur or clipping his nails. Just as with humans, it is recommended dogs get a routine teeth cleaning done professionally. Ideally, a dog’s teeth should be cleaned every other day or every week. However, cleaning your dog’s teeth can be time consuming and even a little hard to accomplish. There are a number of ways you can clean your dog’s teeth, including dental bones, sprays, teeth brushing and professional cleaning.

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The little-known effect of the Egyptian Goose on the work load of the Florida Records Committee

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2 – Inspite of being a hardy species by nature, a trait formed over millions of years of having to make a living where elephant and lion come to drink, they will indeed and on rare occasions escape human presence by taking off and flying away from an observer. A perched Egyptian Goose poses identification challenges only to those who consult their field guide to ascertain that a “bird” is the thing with feathers, not fur.

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Cat Wars: The Devastating Consequences of a Cuddly Killer

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As Marra and Santella note, tens of millions of people have “a deep bond and connection with cats” precisely because they’re a little bit wild, among a multitude of other reasons including soft fur, cuddliness, and playfulness. There is evidence that toxoplasma leads, in humans, to an elevated risk of mental illness and depression. The traditional, supposedly humane answer to the glut of feral cats has been institution of “TNR” programs – trap, neuter, return.

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Robert Young on Killing Animals

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Does my proposal as to what makes killing another human being generally a major moral wrong in any way help us with deciding what, if anything, is wrong with killing non-human animals and foetuses? I believe it does help. It seems reasonable to believe that many animals share in common with us that they have things they want to do in and with their lives or which they may come to want (either again or for the first time).

The Emotional Lives of Animals

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Dogs are able to detect diseases such as cancer and diabetes and warn humans of impending heart attacks and strokes. In many ways, human emotions are the gifts of our animal ancestors. Compared to humans, dogs have about 25 times the area of nasal olfactory epithelium (which carries receptor cells) and many thousands more cells in the olfactory region of their brain. Consider a collie named Tinker and his human companion, Paul Jackson, who has Type 2 diabetes.

Make This the Year You Do Right by Animals

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d) Stop wearing animals—Don’t purchase or wear garments made of fur or containing fur trim; don't purchase garments advertised or labeled as "faux fur" since these garments may be made of real fur mislabeled as faux fur (for details, see my previous post on mislabeled dog fur jackets here ); don’t purchase leather, and as your leather garments wear out, replace them with nonleather alternatives. A list of Humane Charities is available here.

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Tails of Aloha

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We send Animal Therapy teams to hospitals, nursing homes, Hospices and even private homes for Animal assisted Therapy (where we have animals go to individuals or groups) or Animal Assisted Activities (Where we have an animal involved with the actual therapy of an individual that is observed and documented by a Health/Human service professional.) His lil hand slowly and gently moved anchoress Polo’s fur.

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Resolve to Do Right by Animals in 2007!

Animal Ethics

d) Stop wearing animals—Don’t purchase or wear garments made of fur or containing fur trim; don't purchase garments advertised or labeled as "faux fur" since these garments may be made of real fur mislabeled as faux fur (for details, see my previous post on mislabeled dog fur jackets here ); don’t purchase leather, and as your leather garments wear out, replace them with nonleather alternatives. (e) A list of Humane Charities is available here.

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The Geladas of Ethiopia

10,000 Birds

Geladas have numerous special characteristics including: • sporting the largest canines in proportion to body size of any mammal; • yet they are the only graminivorous primate (meaning they feed primarily on grass, not to be confused with a seed-eating granivorous animal!); • they have the closest vocal repertoire to humans of any mammal; • they have the most complex social structure of any mammal after humans; and. they are the most terrestrial primate after humans.

African Penguins in Peril

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Today, there are more than 3,000 birds at this accessible colony and they are protected by fences and stiff fines for human disturbance. Sharks, Cape Fur Seals and even Killer Whales will prey on them in the ocean. I grew up in one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Cape Town, South Africa. The birdlife in the Cape is nothing short of spectacular, with a healthy dose of charismatic endemic species.

Albino Squirrel

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Mike’s squirrels were described in one of the comments as “blond” I prefer this as there is definitely colour in the squirrels’ fur, it is just very pale. When considering whether the colouration gives an advantage for survival and mating success, the answer probably lies with the local human populations who cosset their white squirrels as cute and promote them as a tourist attraction. This post comes by way of an assignment.


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In the mid 1700s, fur-traders began introducing foxes up and down the Aleutian chain, in order to generate some more raw material work with. But within a couple of decades, it’s effects on both wildlife and humanity became apparent. They were secure in their isolated home here until humanity came to Laysan in the 1890s. If you ask this Great Ornithologist, extinction is an extremely depressing issue.

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A Field Guide to the Wildlife of South Georgia: A Book Review by a Penguin Groupie

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Over 3 million pairs of Antarctic Fur Seals breed on South Georgia, saved from near extinction by fur hunters. Others, my favorites, show the species within the habitat: breaching Humpback Whales, a Reindeer confronting a King Penguin (below), an elevated view of a beach full of breeding Fur Seals. Human habitation and industry had an almost devastating effect on this area.

Acclimatisation Societies of New Zealand

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Secondly, New Zealand had already experienced on wave of extinction due to the introduction or rats and human hunting. Brush-tailed Possums were brought from Australia to help start a fur industry. New Zealand has a very odd biota these days. There are the endemics, which are odd in their own way, and then there introduced species, which are so varied in their type and origin that you get the feeling you’ve arrived at the aftermath of a small zoo that escaped.

Halloween and Sugar Chic Couture

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They have a lot of other really fun costumes too, and many other Halloween items including dog treats that look every bit as yummy as the decorated cookies you see in bakeries for humans! Her mission is to provide the best in upscale, couture fashions and accessories for canine fur-babies. For the latest fashion information for fur-babies, follow @ SugarChic on Twitter. We absolutely LOVE Halloween at our house, and Baby the Maltese is no exception.

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Come@Me: Hunting Is Not Conservation

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The Amur Leopard ( Panthera pardus orientalis – above) is just one majestic animal on the Critically Endangered (CR) list with less than 100 individuals in the wild due to hunting for its fur. With as many as 540 individuals in the wild the Amur Tiger ( Panthera tigris altaica ) is also listed as Endangered, being hunted for not only their fur but body parts as well. Some people actually don’t consider human beings as animals.

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Keep pets happy and healthy in the cold months ahead.

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Not all dogs were born with lush fur coats that keep off the winter chill. Breeds with very short fur like Chihuahuas, boxers and greyhounds may have a hard time keeping warm, making even brief walks uncomfortable. Like human feet, if they are much colder than normal, your pet may be uncomfortable. The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW; ) has compiled some tips on how to keep pets happy and healthy in the cold months ahead.

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Five Ways to Keep Your Pet Safe on Halloween Day

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Pet Care Helps to Promote Humane Halloween. Halloween may be full of tricks and treats for humans, but the holiday does not hold the same appeal for our pet counterparts. This is especially important for pets with black fur, since they are a target for pranksters. The company offers a humane alternative to kennel boarding by providing loving, in-home overnight and/or daily care to any kind of pet in the most professional and reliable manner possible.

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