Michael Fox on Vegetarianism

Animal Ethics

Even if, contrary to fact, none of this feed grain could be used to nourish humans elsewhere in the world, at least the land which yields the grain could be sown with high-protein-yielding crops, such as soybeans, according to Singer. Michael Fox , "'Animal Liberation': A Critique," Ethics 88 [January 1978]: 106-18, at 116-7 The strongest part of [Peter] Singer's case against meat eating is his brief discussion of the world food crisis.

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Michael Fox on Concern for Animals

Animal Ethics

One wonders why here (as elsewhere) there is so much concern for the plight of animals and evidently so little for that of humans. Michael Fox , "'Animal Liberation': A Critique," Ethics 88 [January 1978]: 106-18, at 109 n.

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Dogs of Courage

4 The Love Of Animals

There are also tales of dogs who weren’t specially trained, but who turned out to have skills that helped their humans in unexpected ways!

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Mexican Border Town Offers Tax Exemption for Euthanizing Dogs

Critter News

But there are animal rights activists in Mexico that will hopefully take notice and try to establish some kind of long-term and humane solution. From Latino Fox News. There's a stray dog problem in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico. The solution? If you bring in the dog for euthanization, you get a tax exemption.hooray! Sarcasm there of course. Clearly, there's no spay/neuter program in this place.

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The Secrets Inside Your Dog’s Mind

4 The Love Of Animals

No one in the room–neither dog nor human–can tell which cup hides the biscuit. Understanding a pointed finger may seem easy, but consider this: while humans and canines can do it naturally, no other known species in the animal kingdom can. Hare and others are trying to figure out how the intimate coexistence of humans and dogs has shaped the animal’s remarkable abilities. “Humans are unique. The Secrets Inside Your Dog’s Mind.

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Activists in Mexico Bomb Max Mara Store

Critter News

It was not a whim or an attempt to get attention, as the sensationalist press will say; instead this is a response to the domination, objectification and commodification of millions of animals (mink, chinchilla, fox, raccoons, etc.) raised in the infernal fur farms, which are nothing more than concentration camps, where non-human animals are subjugated and forced to live a life of torture and imprisonment waiting for their murder, sick and crazed due to the denial of their wild natures.

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Tom Regan on the Animal-Rights Movement

Animal Ethics

In issuing its condemnation of established cultural practices, the rights view is not antibusiness, not antifreedom of the individual, not antiscience, not antihuman. It is simply projustice, insisting only that the scope of justice be seen to include respect for the rights of animals.

Shark Attack Experiment: LIVE

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Here is a sneak peek: Mark Thompson, the former host of Guinness World Records Primetime and Fox’s Emmy Awards red-carpet coverage, will co-host Shark Attack Experiment LIVE with Anna Gilligan, former Fox News Channel personality, from Rocky Bay, South Africa, commonly referred to as “Shark Park.”

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Breast Cancer in Pets

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While breast cancer awareness month for people might be over, it’s important to realize that we humans aren’t the only ones affected by the disease. Most “at-risk” breeds: poodle, Brittany spaniel, English setter, pointer, fox terrier, cocker spaniel, Boston terrier. PurinaCare is committed to promoting responsible pet care, providing humane education, supporting community pet involvement, and fostering the positive bond between people and their pets.

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Protecting Your Pets from Pests and Disease

4 The Love Of Animals

Mosquitoes bite humans and animals with no regard to species, and they bring along a number of illnesses. For humans, mosquitoes can lead to such diseases as Yellow Fever and West Nile Virus among others. It can affect humans, birds, horses, dogs, cats, and other mammals.

The Emotional Lives of Animals

4 The Love Of Animals

Dogs are able to detect diseases such as cancer and diabetes and warn humans of impending heart attacks and strokes. In many ways, human emotions are the gifts of our animal ancestors. Grief in magpies and red foxes: Saying goodbye to a friend.

John Passmore (1914-2004) on the History of Animal Cruelty

Animal Ethics

The degree of restriction placed on human behavior, furthermore, is relatively slight. Whereas it once used to be argued, as by Newman , that the least human good compensates for any possible amount of animal suffering, the current doctrine is that it requires a considerable good to compensate for such suffering. There is far from being a precise analogy, however, between the importance attached to animal and to human suffering.

John Passmore (1914-2004) on the Moral Status of Animals

Animal Ethics

In other words, what they hated—and by no means perversely—was the enjoyment of animal suffering; to the mere fact that the bears suffered as a consequence of human action they were indifferent. But they now turn around the question what is to count as "making animals suffer unnecessarily," whether, for example, vivisection or fox-hunting are, in these terms, morally justifiable.

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Race for the Rescues

4 The Love Of Animals

Jane Lynch, currently starring in the new Fox series “GLEE” and the current theatrical hit “Julie & Julia,” returns again this year. Pet Adoption Event & Fashion Show – After showing off their fashion-forward best, the pets from the Pasadena Humane Society/SPCA and Los Angeles Animal Services will be available for adoption! 4th ANNUAL “RACE FOR THE RESCUES” FUNDRASIER. 5K Run/Walk, Kid’s Fun Run and Adoption Celebration. Co-Hosted by Jane Lynch andCarrie Ann Inaba.

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Smoky in the Hearts of the Veterans

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Is it possible to observe some features of humans in their behavior? Moreover, heroic deeds might be of dogs’ prerogative as well, contributing to their kind-hearted and humane nature. The Angel From a Fox’s Den” – this is how a Yorkshire terrier Smoky was called by its founder. Dogs, as well as cats, are considered the most popular and delighting pets all over the world.

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From Today's New York Times

Animal Ethics

Common sense tells us not to put the foxes in charge of the henhouse, but politicians repeatedly deny common sense in favor of the needs of special-interest groups. So why would they not insist that the cow that became their steak was treated humanely? To the Editor: Your Feb. 21 editorial “ The Biggest Beef Recall Ever ” made some excellent points.

Flight to Freedom

4 The Love Of Animals

CSI actress Jorja Fox, the ADI spokesperson for the operation, greeted the lions when they arrived in San Francisco said: “These magnificent lions have lived all their lives in a tiny cage on the back of a truck. ADI’s Mission: To educate, create awareness, and promote the interest of humanity in the cause of justice, and the suppression of all forms of cruelty to animals wherever possible to alleviate suffering, and to conserve and protect animals and the environment.

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