On Jeff Corwin's 100 HEARTBEATS

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For only $450,000, we could buy almost all of the habitat neded to protect Ecuador's remaining frogs. Or an animal that could use the aid of human intervention, such as the Florida panther, which has benefited from the culverts built to help it safely cross highways (221).

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US Judge Asked to Hear Case about Orcas

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A federal judge for the first time in US history has heard arguments in a case that could determine whether animals enjoy the same constitutional protection against slavery as human beings. PETA claims the captured killer whales are treated like slaves, forced to live in tanks and perform daily at its parks in San Diego, California and Orlando, Florida. We'll see how it goes. Even when we lose these battles, the fact that they are heard at all is an important step.

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On Dolphins as a Gateway to Animal Rights

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They can also learn how "to hold sponges over their snouts to protect themselves when searching for spiny fish on the ocean floor." But if you live on a lake in South Florida, you know that anhingas, who swim as well as they fly and run (is there a hierarchy for triathletes in the natural world? My life-as-a-tweeter is less and less significant these days. It's just not all that interesting to me.

Why Is the Federal Government Awarding Contracts to a Company That Was Involved in Smuggling Primates?

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The International Primate Protection League was active in exposing and urging prosecution of this case. Now, Matthew Block is not listed as a principal of the Corporation according to the Florida Department of Corporations. Worldwide Primates Inc. was started by Mathew Block to import primates into the US for animal experimentation. In 1993, he went to prison for smuggling baby orangutans. Despite this, it looks like this has been no barrier to his company getting federal contracts.

Golf with Malicious Intent

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After impact, the hawk, a protected migratory bird, fell to the ground bleeding from the nostrils. The bird was buried on the golf course—perhaps in an effort to hide the evidence—but was later dug up by Florida investigators. Thanks to Adrian Seeley for calling to my attention this story about PGA Tour golfer Tripp Isenhour, who allegedly intentionally killed a red-shouldered hawk with a golf shot.