What is the State Bird of Alaska?

10,000 Birds

The Willow Ptarmigan, which is the most numerous, can also be found in Russia, Finland, Scandinavia, and Canada. Unlike other grouse species, the male Willow Ptarmigan remains with the female throughout the breeding season to help raise the chicks. Though many people joke that the mosquito is the Alaskan state bird, in fact it is the much more pleasant Willow Ptarmigan.

Champions of the Flyway – the Dakar Rally of Birding

10,000 Birds

During this year’s competition, each team raised money for – and awareness of – the illegal trapping of migratory birds in Cyprus , a fitting cause for a race that celebrates the miracle of migration. The competition raised over $50,000 for this very important cause. The Cape May Bird Observatory American Dippers took top honors out of the international teams with 168 species, a mere one bird ahead of the Arctic Redpolls from Finland with 167 birds.

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