Feral Cats Are An Invasive Species in North America (and elsewhere)

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The majority of wildcats live today in Africa, and virtually none of them have provided the DNA from which supposed histories of domestication have been constructed by researchers. I find it astonishing that people argue of whether feral cats are bad for birds in North America. The plethora of approaches to the feral Cat problem is not an outcome of a diversity of great ideas; it is the ugly chimera of inappropriate compromise among biased and often poorly informed stakeholders.

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Three Interesting Things

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But researchers have now found evidence of a giant European bat that is plucking migrating birds out of the night sky. Several months ago, a group of bat researchers spent the night recording the sounds of a marshy Spanish forest. But when the researchers played the recordings back at one-tenth their normal speed, they heard shrieks — the sonar call of a creature called the giant noctule bat or Nyctalus lasiopterus. A group of researchers at the N.C. Birds research

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Solid Air: Invisible Killer Saving Billions of Birds From Windows–A Book Review

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His seminal article, “Bird-Window Collisions,” based on dissertation research finished in 1979, was not published in a peer-reviewed journal until 1989. And it would be another 12 years before the topic had enough credibility to attract a body of scientific research. (I

On Charles and Project Treadstone

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The vet did give me a hard time about the dogs' animal-free diets (my traditional vets don't, ironically), and my response was that unless she could show me some research that his particular type of injury needs animal protein to heal, I wasn't going to change anything. It'll be my area's first group dedicated to reducing the feral cat population! Just in case you were wondering what an 85-lb red fawn greyhound looks like from the back with a couple dozen acupuncture needles in him.

Witch Hunt or Just Prosecution?

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Smithsonian Institute researcher is accused of trying to poison street cats outside her apartment building on 15th Street in Northwest. Dauphine works at the National Zoo studying wild birds, where her research has focused on one of birds’ enemies: cats. But this does beg the question – What is an acceptable approach for a private citizen to take when their neighborhood is inundated with feral cats?

The Glitter in the Green: In Search of Hummingbirds–A Hummer Book Review

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A little online research into some of these topics, however–like Elizabeth Gould, an extremely talented woman who illustrated her husband’s bird treatises and who despaired of his collecting habit–and I realize that Dunn was probably exercising a lot of restraint.

Unintended Consequences of Predator Control

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It seemed like a good idea at the time: Remove all the feral cats from a famous Australian island to save the native seabirds. But the decision to eradicate the felines from Macquarie island allowed the rabbit population to explode and, in turn, destroy much of its fragile vegetation that birds depend on for cover, researchers said Tuesday The intent was to protect birds by removing one of their predators: cats. What happened was something that hurt the birds worse.

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Unlikely Healer Walks on Three Paws

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Half a decade ago, in a little mountain town about 60 miles northeast of San Diego, a feral kitten dragged his front left leg uselessly. The National Institutes of Health acknowledges and researches the healing powers that animals exert on humans. The dog-loving owners of the property in Julian where he sought refuge rushed him to the local veterinarian, who informed them that if his leg was amputated, he could live as an indoor cat.

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Review: Sparrow by Kim Todd

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It’s a sign, I think, when I receive a book to review and realize I just bought the same book, on my own recognizance, for my own pleasure. Also a sign when I spot other books by the same author on the shelf in the office of a member of my thesis committee, and on my own Christmas wish list. In this case, the signs were right. This is a good book. Other signs: Last night, as I was reading this in the bar, a man came up to me and asked about it (please don’t do that.)

There’s a bear! There’s a bear!

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Up to 100 kg – possibly a female, my guide and a bear researcher from the wildlife charity Callisto, Yannis Tsanakis, tells me. According to the latest research data, the total Brown Bear population in Greece is 475 to 500 and here in the Pindos range there are 350 to 400 animals (Pilidis, 2015, in pub.). Feral Pigeon – Columba livia dom. In the most of Europe, Brown Bear is a mythical creature that lives only in mediaeval tapestries and folk tales.

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Endangered Species Act: Potential Downlisting for Hawaiian Goose (nene)

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Specifically, the notice summarizes the long history of Hawaiian Goose conservation, including written recovery plans in 1983 and 2004 , implementation of those plans, and research, including a population viability analysis. Also, research filled in many knowledge gaps and informed conservation efforts. predator control, habitat management for feral ungulates and nonnative plants).

Exploring the Kapela (Chapel) Reserve

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This morning I drove to the Kapela (“a chapel”) research area of mine, a small geological reserve 15 km / 9 mi upriver from Belgrade, whose management is interested to know whether there is more than just 620,000 years of sediments exposing the ancient glaciations in a high loess bluff. Feral Pigeon – Columba livia.

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Remotest Endemic Birds

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The Desolation Islands are more than 2,000 miles from the nearest permanent human habitation (besides research stations) and can only be reached by a long ship journey. Its numbers are declining rapidly due to feral cats and this duck is currently listed as vulnerable.

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Wisconsin Falconer Legally Traps Snowy Owl

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They know how to trap raptors and if something is interesting nearby, they will try to band it for research. The previous snowy was a good hunter but unfortunately that owl caught a feral pigeon that had frounce and died not long afterwards–something that could happen with a wild snowy. I’m to the point that I wish all the Snowy Owls in the US this winter would head back north. As Tracey Ullman said at the end of her show, “Go home! Go home now!”

The Birds of Trinidad and Tobago: Two Guides, One Book Review

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A little bit of research when I got home unraveled the ways of publishers here and in Great Britain. The accounts aim for specificity and authority; dates and locations of rarity sightings are given, and research articles on nesting and behavior are cited. ffrench’s descriptions are delightfully uneven, reflecting his personal experiences with the birds, his research, and his personality.

The Domestic Turkey and the First Thanksgiving

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The domestic cat has the uninspired name Felis catus in some circles, or otherwise, Felis silvestris while the wild version (not the feral version, but the wild cat that lives in Africa today) was once known by a Latin binomial that is no longer polite to say, for a while as Felix lybica , and now, owing to the trend of reconflating wild and domestic forms when they are known to interbreed, as Felis silvestris lybica.

Come@Me: Don’t Mourn for Extinct Birds

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The causes were the usual reasons for island extinction—deforestation by both humans and invasive plants that crowded out native plants, hunting, and invasive rats, mongoose, monkeys, and, of course, feral cats. It was the Pink Pigeons (Nesoenas mayeri) that got me thinking. Pink Pigeons were featured on episode four of the second season of The Zoo , the excellent television series about The Bronx Zoo,* and their story was disturbing.

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