Owls, Owls, and more Owls in SE Arizona

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The last couple of weeks have really been a boom for me personally, as far as spotting our local owls goes. It all started in getting to photograph the Northern Pygmy-owls in Madera Canyon. Then a quick check up on the Ferruginous Pygmy-owls that are out in Alta Valley. The Great Horned Owls that live in the palm trees right above our RV have returned and brought with them a pair of fledglings. Here is a shot of that Northern Pygmy Owl, from Madera Canyon.

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Great Horned Owls on camera!

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The family of Great Horned Owls featured on OwlCam.co It all started a few years back when the current owner purchased … Continue reading → The post Great Horned Owls on camera! is just hours away from welcoming new chicks! There are 3 eggs, and high hopes that all will hatch. appeared first on 4 The Love of Animals. wildlife

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Everyone loves owls: African edition

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Who doesn’t love a good owl? There are few families of birds where despite a cosmopolitan distribution I’m always so pleased to see any species of the family. owls aren’t rare, but they are seldom easy. So imagine my delight to seeing a pair of African Scops-owls on the side of the road on a recent trip to Botswana. Owl number one is sleeping. Birds Botswana owls

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School Burrowing Owls

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Broward County has one of the highest densities of Burrowing Owls in Florida. Not surprisingly, this brings Burrowing Owls into close contact with humans across the county. The Florida sub-species of Burrowing Owl is now classified as a threatened species in Florida and it is one of the rarest sub-species of Burrowing Owls. We have set up an incredibly popular live camera feed on a pair of these diminutive owls at a school in Broward County.

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Burrowing Owls of Cape Coral

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It’s a family vacation, sure, but there’s always time for birding and in Florida, the birding often finds you. Cape Coral has a remarkable population of Burrowing Owls , cute little stilt-legged beasts we usually associate with the western part of the continent. You can tell which abandoned lots host owls by a small roped off area with the tell-tale t-bars that the owls perch upon. But daytime owls always look miffed about something.

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Lakshmi’s Owl

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One of these names is Ulkavahini , the one who rides an owl. Lakshmi rides an owl as her Vahana (a spirititual being or animal that transports a God) and the Spotted Owlet has been chosen to represent the family. Among many similarities to their close relation, the Little Owl, Athene Noctua , they are also the owl most likely to be seen by day in this part of the world. Birds Birds in Religion owls

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Owls in the sunshine

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My colleagues or non-birding friends often express surprise if I tell them that I have found an owl during the day. My audience, obviously impressed, are astonished that an owl might be seen during the day, but I assure them that it is usually easier because at night, it gets too dark. But my condescension came back to bite me last week when I learned that not only are owls easier to see during the day, they seem to actually enjoy sitting in the sun!

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Tawny Frogmouth family

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As we walked back to our vehicle the adult Tawny Frogmouth returned to her normal “owl-like” shape, but the young were not yet convinced and remained in their cryptic pose! Tawny Frogmouth family. A few weeks ago I told you about our discovery of a Tawny Frogmouth nest near Ellendale Rest Area and we were wondering what became of it. It made sense to go and have a look!

Great Gray Owl in Keene, New York

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”) that we drive up to the Adirondacks so I could finally connect with a Great Gray Owl. With much trepidation I told her the owl was in Keene, about four-and-a-half hours away and I could call my folks and see if they would put us up for the night at their house, half-way back from the long-range twitch. I, on the other hand, enjoy living with my family and would like to keep doing that. spotted the owl. But it’s a GREAT GRAY OWL ! Family twitching?

“Potted Plant Owls”

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A family of owls, affectionately called the Potted Plant Owls have taken up residence in a potted plant on the the balcony of South African couple Allen and Tracy. Their natural habitat is under threat, as housing developers plan to build on the neighboring wetland, effectively destroying the owls’ remaining hunting ground. Allan and Tracy are using the Potted Plant Owl “Africam” to grow awareness and support for this wonderful cause.

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Here’s the new bird family tree. It’s amazing.

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’s bird family tree in a new tab and follow along as you read. Sister to this group is the Strisores : the “night birds” (excluding owls), swifts, and hummingbirds. The deepest branches after Accipitriformes and owl among the Afroaves, the mousebirds and cuckoo-roller, have Eocene relatives with raptor-like feet, and the cuckoo-roller specializes on chameleon prey.

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Sand Point Family Vineyards: Cabernet Sauvignon (2015 Lodi Appellation)

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To celebrate this minor listing milestone, I chose a 2015 Cabernet by Sand Point Family Vineyards of Acampo, California, whose logo is an adorable California Quail sitting on a swing (we can presumably eliminate the similar Gambel’s Quail by range here). Sand Point Family Vineyards: Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 (Lodi Appellation). The post Sand Point Family Vineyards: Cabernet Sauvignon (2015 Lodi Appellation) appeared first on 10,000 Birds.

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Spotting My First Horned Owl in Veteran’s Park

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I think everyone can readily admit that owls are cool. Yet, these very qualities are what make them so difficult to see as birders, and in my years of birding I had managed to spot just two: the Snowy Owl (which is active during the daytime) and the Barred Owl. One particular family of owls had particularly evaded me. Of course, my lack of owl sightings were mostly my fault; I neither arrived at the park early, nor stayed late into the evening.

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Peterson Reference Guide to Owls of North America and the Caribbean: A Book Review by a Lover of Parliaments

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Here are some things I’ve learned from the Peterson Reference Guide to Owls of North America and the Caribbean by Scott Weidensaul: The Burrowing Owl is the only North American owl species where the male is larger than the female, albeit, only slightly larger. The Caribbean islands were once populated by enormous owls, some over 3-feet tall, some flightless. There are distinct differences between Eastern Screech-Owl morphs. Reviews book review owls

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Hang your hammock in the hummingbird family tree

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Hummingbirds have long been classified as most closely related to the widespread, well-known swifts and the treeswifts , a small, predominantly Indomalayan family. but their relationships and even the composition of this larger clade (called Cypselomorphae) is not settled ( nighthawks , for instance, may be more closely related to owls than to nightjars).

Soccer Player Kicks Owl on Field?

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home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Asides / Soccer Player Kicks Owl on Field? Soccer Player Kicks Owl on Field? By Mike • March 2, 2011 • 3 comments Tweet Share During a soccer game in Colombia, a player kicked an owl that was on the field. The bird, which looked like a Barn Owl , was the mascot for the opposing team and died from its injuries.

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Three Days of Birding in Costa Rica = Owls, Hummingbirds, Tanagers, and More

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Costa Rica’s winning combination of small size and distinct habitats makes it possible to connect with species as different as Snowcap, Crested Owl, White-throated Magpie-Jay , and glittering tanagers in a matter of thirty-six short hours, even quicker if you push your luck (and your vehicle). This is how I did it: Day one-Snowcap, owls, and feeder madness. After we had our scope fill of that one, we ventured into the forest to lay eyes on a family of Spectacled Owls !

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Spotted Thick-knee

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home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Birds / Spotted Thick-knee Spotted Thick-knee By Redgannet • March 19, 2011 • 14 comments Tweet Share The Burhinidae family of Thick-knees (also known as Stone-curlews or Dikkops) consists of 9 species in 2 genera, Burhinus and Esacus.

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That Awkward Moment With Feral Cats and Family

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I come from a large family: five sisters, two brothers and almost everyone has kids. Most of my family lives in Indiana, but thanks to social media we can easily keep in touch. Case in point: some of my family members have become active with feral cat colony organizations. When the notices popped up on Facebook I initially hid them, figuring it’s better to pick my battles with my family.

Stalking a Kiwi Icon

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In spite of this New Zealand does have an iconic family of birds that has served as an emblem for the country for over a century, the kiwi. Go win a copy and you might get it before I get off my keister and write my review… Great Horned Owl Taking a Deer Leg Seriously, that really happens in this excellent video of a Great Horned Owl scavenging a deer carcass by Kirk Mona.

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Support Project SNOWstorm!

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Earlier this afternoon my small family made a drive out to Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn. We went because Desi, my four-year-old son, wanted to see a Snowy Owl after hearing about and seeing pictures of all of the owls his dad had been seeing this winter. He brought with him Snow, his stuffed Snowy Owl , so Snow could see his “real owl friends.” It took awhile in the biting wind, but I finally spotted one lonely owl hunkered down in the grass.

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Win a Copy of Hawks at a Distance

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Go win a copy and you might get it before I get off my keister and write my review… Tags: Asides • Camping tents - Check out our pop up tents , family tents , and more! • Explore These Related Posts Great Horned Owl Taking a Deer Leg Cats Are Still Public Enemy Number One, For Birds Crossley ID Guide Giveaway Winners World Sparrow Day 2011 Why are Birds So Important to People? Or These Blasts From The Past Soccer Player Kicks Owl on Field?

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Week four: We wrap up our stay in the US.

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This location is great as it is close to Jeanne’s Family, as well as a very short drive to the Billy Frank Jr. I ran into a birder on the board walk who asked if I had gotten to see the Northern Saw-whet Owl , back on the road into the refuge. The little Northern Saw-whet Owl , not really giving up a great photo! Nisqually NWR Brown Creeper Fox Sparrow Hooded Merganser Northern Harrier Northern Saw-whet Owl

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Thank a lemming

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Many of you in the south are enjoying great sightings of Snowy Owls ( Bubo scandiacus ) this winter. Everywhere on Facebook I see friends and acquaintance posting photos of Snowy Owls , and or status updates on how they’ve succeeded or failed in their search for reported birds. Now as most everyone knows Snowy Owls are birds of the Arctic. I could end my northern Snowy Owl drought with a bit of effort and a trip farther inland by ATV.

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Get Thee To A Wildlife Rehabilitator

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Why does this little Screech Owl look so horrified? We receive nestling owls who have been fed nothing but hamburger, whose bones are so brittle from lack of calcium that they break when they try to stand. They would realize that wild owls fly silently through the night and grab unwary rodents, not unsuspecting packages of processed cow meat. An orphaned fawn who is best friends with the family’s German Shepherd!

Backyard Birdfeeder Bragging Rights, a Great Adventure for a Great Twitch, and More: This Week in Birding News

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This lucky youngster from Massachusetts has almost 300 ticks, but just added his favorite— a Great Gray Owl his supportive family drove hundreds of miles to glimpse. News Allen’s Hummingbird Atlanta Falcons Avian Influenza backyard birds bird feeders Bird Flu Brood Parasitism eBird eggs Great Gray Owl poultry Project FeederWatch Super Bowl woodpeckersLet us no more speak of this week’s extraordinary failure by a cast of Falcons to finish off their prey.

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Springtime Tree Cutting and Wildlife

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After a similar procedure, Moya’s watch-me-pull-a-rabbit-out-of-my-hat trick produced a fuzzy nestling Eastern Screech Owl. Cutting one tree down displaced two very different wildlife families,” said Michele. Two families were split up and made homeless by the cutting of one tree.

Best Bird of the Weekend (Fourth of July 2021)

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In addition to working with family to create a new cocktail (the “Christmas in July” which is the liquid that drains from ceviche mixed with vodka, preferably with a chunk of whitefish in it) he got some good birds.

Best Bird of the Weekend (First of April 2021)

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I knocked down several first birds of spring this weekend (not literally) but will always give Best Bird honors to a Saw-whet Owl , especially one showing as well as the one Ivy and I located at Owl Woods on Easter.

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Where Are You Birding This Fourth Weekend of February 2020?

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Now that Ivy and I have broken the ice on owls this year, we’re eager to add a couple more, so Owl Woods might be in the cards. Corey and his family, fresh off a victorious tour of Jamaica, will be expanding their circuit to the New York Capitol Region this weekend.

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Lifer! But, which one?

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So I contacted him for the exact location, which turned out to be a beautiful 14-acre property that belongs to his family, and he kindly invited me over. I hardly ever see owls, except for Ferruginous Pygmy Owls , so this was another big draw for me.

Best Bird of the Weekend (First of July 2020)

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Corey enjoyed camping with family and friends for the long weekend after getting tested for COVID and coming up negative. Mongaup Pond in Sullivan County is a great place to beat the heat of summer and an even better place to hear duetting Barred Owls while you are lying in your tent.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (First of April 2020)

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Ivy and I couldn’t shake an owl out of Owl Woods but we walked away with all kinds of FOY species such as the unexpected Yellow-bellied Sapsucker calling high in a tree. The checklist for a basic birding outing has become more complex during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Out and About with the Cumberland Bird Observers Club

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The trip was to visit a handful of sites across North Sydney, which was great for me as they were places I could stand to know better and were close to where my family live (and I was staying). We did find a Australian Brush Turkey on the way (another bird that is making rapid progress invading Sydney), which was a nice find for the American family, but we pressed on through the swamp’s elevated walkways until we reached a small opening, where, as promised (miraculously!)

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When Birds Are Near: Dispatches From Contemporary Writers

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There are owls in New York City. Big owls: Barred Owls on Riverside Drive and down the path from Harlem Meer, a Great Horned Owl in Central Park’s Ramble. The NYC owls have little to do with the book in front of me except that it too is about birds and people.

2020 85

Nanhui, Shanghai in early spring 2020

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There are even some warblers that look a bit less anonymous than the majority of the family. If in doubt, show owl photos – this could easily my life motto. Short-eared Owl ….

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Best Bird of the Weekend (First of 2015)

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Corey’s Best Bird of the Weekend was an adorable Northern Saw-whet Owl at an undisclosed location in Queens. No, he just brought his family to the area he knew one was hiding and waited for Daisy to make the discovery. No matter who found it a Northern Saw-whet Owl is always a pleasure. One weekend down for 2015 and only 51 to go. Hope your year is off to a ripping start! I hit Lake Ontario for winter birds this weekend and walked away with a trio of Red-throated Loons.

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Best Bird of the Weekend (Last of March 2017)

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On Saturday he dragged his family to the Adirondack Mountains to see a stake out Great Gray Owl in Keene, a first for all three in the family. Though both Corey and Daisy were impressed by the amazing owl Desi summed up his opinion with one word: “Boring!” Your first weekend of spring or fall may have been uneventful in terms of birds, but pace yourself. We still have months of blissful migration ahead of us!

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Getting out of line

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home about advertise archives birds conservation contact galleries links reviews subscribe Browse: Home / Trips / Getting out of line Getting out of line By Redgannet • March 5, 2011 • 3 comments Tweet Share During a family holiday this week, my wife suggested that other road users and pedestrians may take my erratic driving and sudden stops as incompetence behind the wheel.

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Come See Birds and…Everything

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The best test of that proposition, of course, is to repeat it to any one of the hundreds of thousands of birders who have, say, a family. 10,000 Birds is running a series of articles by and about tour guides, tour companies, eco-lodges, and other birding travel organizations.

Best Bird of the Weekend (Fourth of November 2018)

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Most Americans celebrated a long weekend filled with a lot (maybe too much) food, family, and shopping. My family actually pays attention to eagles too, which makes them more interesting to see. Corey had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend visiting family in upstate New York and in New Jersey. During his travels he especially appreciated finding and sharing with his father, niece, nephews, and son a Barred Owl in his folks’ backyard.

2018 47

Botswana’s Private Reserves

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Southern White-faced Scops Owl or African Scops Owl? Red-crested Korhaans are attractive members of the bustard family. Spotted Eagle Owls are one of several owls that can be seen here. While much of the attention that Africa’s tourism industry gets is for its (deservedly) popular national parks and game reserves, a lot of wildlife viewing is possible away from the big name places.

Keeping Cool in Tierra Caliente

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Yellow-winged Caciques , showy members of the Blackbird/New World Oriole family, are always conspicuous residents of the region. I’ll throw in an adorable Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl by way of an apology.