Michigan Dog Credited With Starting Internet Business

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A Michigan dog has been credited with starting a business online! Neighbors, friends and family have decided it’s a must to own one since seeing Spanky’s wholehearted endorsement. Michigan Dog Credited With Starting Internet Business originally appeared on 4 The Love of Animals on May 10, 2010. Now this is a fun story!

Calling all Dogs: Celebrate National Dog Day with Free Ice Cream August 25

4 The Love Of Animals

It honors dogs of all breeds — from working dogs to family pets — and encourage pet owners to do something special for their dog.

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The Incredible Dr. Pol

4 The Love Of Animals

In this new series, we’ll travel with him across rural Michigan to care for every family pet and head of livestock in need of his expertise and kindness. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a vet that worked on farm animals? Be sure to tune in tonight to The Incredible Dr. Pol which premiers at 10PM ET on NatGeo! Of course, we have a clip to share with you to get you excited to tune in: With more than 19,000 patients, Dr. Pol has seen it all.

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Dog Parade at Fox Run

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Dog lovers in Novi, Michigan will be delighted this Saturday, September 24th, when the residents at Fox Run take to the the Dog Parade Runway and strut their stuff! Also several staff members and families of residents bringing their dogs to participate in the Dog Parade. Pugs, Cocker Spaniels, Poodles, Yorkshire Terriers, Dachshunds, and Pomeranians will be among the “models” on the runway!

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Teaching Kids Animal Compassion

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Pick a pet that fits your family’s lifestyle – Look at the purpose the pet will serve in your family. With purebred animals, it is especially important to do your research and make sure the pet fits your family’s lifestyle. Whether your family chooses a hamster or a dog, be prepared to care for your pet in sickness and in health. About Dr. Tim: Dr. Tim Hunt is a licensed veterinarian in both Michigan and Alaska.

Welcome Home Mama & Boris: How a Sister’s Love Saved a Fallen Soldiers Beloved Dogs

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Starting with Casey and Arrow, our keepers in the woods, our family would keep cats and dogs. We both feel that even though we’ve never met these dogs, they’re ours, too; an extension of our family, someone to keep Peter smiling. She lives in Michigan with her son, Patrick.

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The One Animal Product You Should Feed Your Children

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According to Dr. Spock: Most families have become more conscious about the fat content of meats, and many are choosing the lower-fat cuts. My emphasis] There are other reasons why families are looking more favorably at plant-based choices. A few moments later that boob of a flight attendant returned with a ticket agent who told the family they were being thrown off the plane.

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