The Power of Pets Initiative

4 The Love Of Animals

“At the YMCA, we believe healthy lifestyles are about nurturing the spirit, mind and body – and pets certainly play a role in that,&# said Ted Cornelius, Executive Director, Tennessee State Alliance/Pioneering Healthier Communities, YMCA of Middle Tennessee. “We encourage families to play together every day, and incorporating the family pet is a great way to make everyone more active.&#. Mars Petcare and Human-Animal Interaction.

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The Vulturine Storks

10,000 Birds

European Storks are majestic, they’re graceful and stately and all of the positively connotated adjectives that are applied to birds to which humans have a long and pleasant history rooted deep in our western cultural heritage. They’re beautiful birds, and an example of the way birds and humans can coexist more or less prosperously for centuries. This is a bird with some pedigree.

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