That Awkward Moment With Feral Cats and Family

10,000 Birds

I come from a large family: five sisters, two brothers and almost everyone has kids. Most of my family lives in Indiana, but thanks to social media we can easily keep in touch. Case in point: some of my family members have become active with feral cat colony organizations. On the one hand, it’s better than doing nothing with a feral cat colony. And if a feral cat colony is near an endangered species, the colony should be eliminated.

Unlikely Healer Walks on Three Paws

4 The Love Of Animals

Half a decade ago, in a little mountain town about 60 miles northeast of San Diego, a feral kitten dragged his front left leg uselessly. Gazing at Cathy Conheim, a psychotherapist raised to hate cats because they ate birds, and Donna Brooks, a retired physician and sculptor who had never had a cat, but always reached out to heal anyone who was hurting, the kitten eyed them hopefully.

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Guest Post: Susan Wilson

4 The Love Of Animals

A feral kitten captured and neutered by a small non-profit, somewhat militant organization, was on display at our local Massachusetts Society Prevention of Cruelty Association branch, which often took these feral cats in the hope of finding homes for them. I’m an author, good character names are fair game) joined the family and something rather miraculous happened. Today we have a great guest post from author Susan Wilson.

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