Wisconsin Falconer Legally Traps Snowy Owl

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” That winter birding lull that plagues listservs and online groups with arguments seems to have reached new levels this winter as people debate not only how close one should get to an owl, but if feeding them ok (cause someone started a website on how to feed snowy owls ) to a direction I didn’t expect when a Wisconsin falconer live trapped a first winter snowy owl last week near Freedom. I enjoy falconry, it’s not merely a sport or hobby, it is a lifestyle.

Fancy Pigeon Blues

10,000 Birds

Do much birding in the city, and your thoughts will turn again and again to feral pigeons. Introduced as they are over much of their range, they’ve nevertheless become a crucial part of the urban ecosystem, recycling discarded french fries into tasty meals for falcons in a way that surpasses human ingenuity (although there are few stats on the rate of clogged arteries among the falcons in question.).

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