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I've been trying to find polling data on Proposition 2, but this is all I could find. on Prop 2 campaign reports a tidal wave of voter and donor support from Californians backing the effort to stop the cruel and inhumane treatment of animals on industrial factory farms. The results of a new statewide poll by KSFN-Fresno/SurveyUSA shows overwhelming support from voters, with Prop 2 commanding a 62-point lead: 72-10 (18 undecided).

Update on Proposition 2 in CA

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Again, thanks to Farmed Animal Net for this update on California's proposition 2. California’s Proposition 2 is not solely about the California egg business but is also about the egg industry’s national survival, warned Gene Gregory at the annual legislative meeting of United Egg Producers (UEP). Throughout UEP’s annual meeting speakers cautioned that Prop 2’s passage would be a major blow to the industry.

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Steps Towards Ending Factory Farming?

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Last week there was a slew of articles about the agreement in Ohio between the farm industry and animal welfare activists to expand cage sizes for calves (veal), hens and pigs. This concession was to avoid a November ballot vote a la California's Proposition 2. In another sign of the growing clout of the animal welfare movement, a law passed in California this year will also ban imports from other states of eggs produced in crowded cages.

Michigan to Follow California on Farm Animal Welfare?

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It looks like Michigan's Big Ag is afraid they could end up with their own Proposition 2. Tags: farm animal welfare factory farm agribusiness

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Animals raised for food suffer miserably. The meat and dairy industries want to keep their operations away from the public’s discriminating eyes, but as groups like PETA and the Humane Society have shown us in their graphic and disturbing undercover investigations, factory farms are mechanized madness and slaughterhouses are torture chambers to these unfortunate and feeling beings. Animal agriculture is inherently inhumane.