How a Farrier can treat a horse with club foot

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Chronic pain in horses can develop from other conditions such as osteochondrosis, degenerative joint disease, or from wounds and infection. When the horse experiences extreme pain it may not flex the leg properly causing the digital flexor tendon to contract. Her years of experience have helped Rebecca gain lots of knowledge about equestrian health conditions. guest post pet care

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Fizzle’s Story

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Hospice Tails is a series of true stories about my experiences with pets and patients as a hospice social worker. The thin, spider-web scars on her knuckles spoke to intimate experience with hand-to-hand combat. Then I noticed that several family members were also nursing bleeding wounds. Hi, I’m Debra Stang , author of Hospice Tails and guest writer for today’s blog.

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Ingrid Taylar: Bridging the Divide Between Cat and Bird Lovers

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They pointed out the puncture wounds, likely infected with bacteria that could quickly kill. It’s the bane of many rehabbers that they simply can’t get through to cat owners on this critical issue of free-roaming pets. If the experience of handing over that box can be transformative instead of alienating or shaming, there’s a possibility of change. This blog is written by writer, photographer, and animal advocate Ingrid Taylar.

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The Medicine Bird

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Tamarack’s veterinarian, Dr. Kevin Ramey of Animal Ark Pet Hospital in Erie, PA (who donates his time), treated her with non-steroidal anti-inflammatories and antibiotics, then five days later, surgically removed one hopelessly damaged talon. Wildlife centers depend heavily on the advice of veterinarians who work with wildlife, and who often exchange treatments and experiences with each other.

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