Support the Great Ape Protection Act

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End the use of chimpanzees in animal experiments. Tags: chimpanzees animal experimentation animal research animal cruelty medical research It's unconscionable.

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NASA Funds Radiation Experiments on Monkeys

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Another animal experiment I would not support as a US taxpayer. The research project, led by Jack Bergman of McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School affiliate in Belmont, Mass., was one of 12 awarded radiobiology research grants through NASA's Human Research Program, the space agency announced October 27. Or better yet, to protect and cherish the planet WE CURRENTLY LIVE ON. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine are calling attention to it.

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EU Bans Use of Great Apes in Animal Research

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Europe banned the use of great apes in animal testing Wednesday as part of drastically tightened rules to scale back the number of animals used in scientific research. After two years of heated debate on how to protect animal welfare without scuppering scientific research, the new limits, updating regulations from 1986, were adopted by the European Parliament despite objections from Green MEPs. Tags: chimpanzees europe animal research apes primates

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European Union Screws Apes Used in Medical Research

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Here are the results of the EU flirtation with restricting research on primates. Researchers can continue most experiments on mankind's closest relatives -- chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans -- after European Union lawmakers watered down proposals to restrict testing. The EU's executive Commission last year proposed a range of measures to improve the welfare of the 12 million vertebrate animals used in experiments each year, mostly mice and rats.

Puerto Rico Plans Huge Primate Breeding Facility to Supply Researchers

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Less than one year ago, Puerto Rico enacted a landmark animal protection law, based in part on a set of model laws drafted by the Animal Legal Defense Fund. states and jurisdictions with regards to the strength of their laws protecting animals. In addition to troubling questions about its legality, such a facility would also place Puerto Rico behind the curve in the current context of scientific debate about laboratory research involving live animals.

Slate on Pepper: Stolen for Research

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Daniel Engber, senior editor at Slate , has posted the first of a five-part series about animals used for research. A Dalmatian, stolen and sold for research, she was likely terrified and probably in enormous pain when she was killed, a couple of weeks after she was taken. Her death on an operating table in the Bronx would help animal welfare advocates break a long-standing stalemate in Congress and push through the most significant animal-protection bill in American history.

When Choosing A Pup, Research ‘Breeds’ Results

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Before visiting the local animal shelter, I should have done some background research. Protect your pooch. Hopefully sharing my learning experience at the shelter will help you make informed decisions when they’re ready to adopt. The following is a guest post from Kevin Sloan.

Deconstructing Slate's "Pepper" Series

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Beloved family pet Dalmatian, Pepper, is stolen, and after several weeks of searching is discovered to have been experimented on at a hospital and died on the table when researchers tried to implant her with an experimental cardiac pacemaker. He writes, "The dog remained a vital tool in biomedical research for more than 300 years and was the vehicle for a remarkable run of medical breakthroughs.".

On Different Results of Direct Action

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Dr. David Jentsch says to his colleagues "your silence will no longer protect you" and his community of vivisectionists has decided to have a pro-torture and slaughter (i.e., research) rally in defense of his community (he considers himself a proxy for the entire UCLA community). He speaks of the "mixed message of the animal rights community" that animals are so much like us, yet not enough like us to experiment on.

Jane Goodall Live

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For the first time ever, famed chimpanzee research pioneer Jane Goodall will take audiences in select theaters across the country on an incredible journey through the memories of her life when she appears live to answer their pre-submitted questions during this special one night only Fathom event.

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When Vet Bills Get out of Control

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It takes a bit of research, but learning the early symptoms of pet illness can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in the long run. Understanding the early warning signs of serious ailments is one way animal loves can protect their pets and their wallets. Contrary to what you might think, pet grooming does not have to be a stressful experience. Here’s the scenario. You were laid off 6 months ago and your industry is crippled by the recession.

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From Today's New York Times

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The Unalienable Rights of Chimps ,” by Adam Cohen (Editorial Observer, July 14): The Spanish Parliament’s decision to grant rights to apes is indeed groundbreaking, and will foster philosophical discussion about animal protection for some time. But Americans need not await the resolution of the academic debate, which is more about form than substance, before acting to protect animals. Suffering is far from a uniquely human experience. To the Editor: “ What’s Next in the Law?

Meat, Cancer, and the Cumulative Case for Ethical Vegetarianism

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Even the most ardent defenders of the morality of using animals for food and as “tools” in scientific experiments admit that premises (1) and (2) are true and acknowledge that (1) and (2) capture something central to our moral relationship to animals. At the time of slaughter, these frightened animals are inhumanely loaded onto trucks and shipped long distances to the slaughterhouse without food or water or protection from the elements.

The One Animal Product You Should Feed Your Children

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Researchers have also learned that the cancer-causing chemicals that form in beef as it cooks also tend to form in chicken. Sadly, Gillette's experience is not unique. However, 12 states, namely, Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nebraska, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Washington, West Virginia, Wyoming and Wisconsin [Imagine, The Dairy State doesn't protect a woman's right to nurse!],

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Prima Facie vs. Ultima Facie Wrongness

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Dr. William Castelli, director of the study for the last 20 years, maintains that based on his research the most heart healthy diet is a pure vegetarian diet. Dr. Dean Ornish has also documented the heart-protective effects of plant-based diets, as has Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn of the Cleveland Clinic. An enormous body of scientific research confirms that meat consumption is not necessary for optimal health nor is it necessary for promoting longevity.

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