Air Canada Criticized for Transporting Research Monkeys

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The arrival of 48 monkeys on a flight from China this weekend has brought Air Canada under fire for shipping primates destined for research laboratories, but the airline says it is obliged by federal law to accept monkeys as cargo. A Pearson International Airport employee tipped off the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection that a shipment of monkeys destined for Montreal was being held at the Toronto airport after arriving from China on Saturday. Awful.

Is Medical Research on Animals REALLY the Only Way?

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The article discusses how scientists are infecting monkeys with a surrogate HIV virus that does not even lead to AIDS, begging the question of why infect them in first place if there's no real simulation of what happens in humans? This story on HIV research is one example. Tags: animal experimentation medical research monkeys I responded to a post on animalblog that cited a recent article in the journal "Proceedings" of the National Academy of Sciences.

The Emotional Lives of Animals

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For example, they make three different types of tools from the long, barbed leaves of the screw pine tree. Harvard University psychologist Marc Hauser observed what could be called embarrassment in a male rhesus monkey.