Ingrid Taylar: Bridging the Divide Between Cat and Bird Lovers

10,000 Birds

Years ago, I became a wildlife volunteer and advocate because of a cat who caught a bird. The wildlife center was an hour away if I was lucky. That was my first trip to California Wildlife Center. I’d rescued birds before, but this time I had to face the wildlife center with a personal connection to the carnage. Cat and dog rescuers share with wildlife rehabilitators the unfortunate burden of healing the hurt caused by other humans.

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Birds and Bling

10,000 Birds

Wildlife rehabilitators are not known for our bling. People who work with wildlife wearing nice clothes? Michele rushed him to the vet, where x-rays revealed the anklet had passed through his crop, through his proventriculus, and into his ventriculus. The vet believed there was no way he could pass it, so the only options were risky, painful, long recovery-time surgery, or euthanasia. Wildlife rehab can be so metaphorical.

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