On a New Level of Absurdity in the Slaughter Business

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While plenty of people pay attention to the question of what it means to raise an animal humanely, far fewer stop to consider the notion—and the ostensible paradox—of humane slaughter." And though being hauled to their death on a bulldozer is terrible, any other form of slaughter at the hands of another, on that other's timeline and terms, is nevertheless slaughter. And perhaps that "better" will distract the reader from the undeniable fact of the unjust slaughter.

Montana Horse Slaughter Bill Not Vetoed

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Tell the governor's office that (live) horses are a symbol of the American West and Montana should not want to be known as the horse slaughter capitol of the country. Please read this excellent and compelling letter by former Mayor Paula Bacon about the disastrous effects of having a slaughter facility in her hometown of Kaufman, Texas. Tags: Activism Current Affairs Economics Ethics From Elizabeth Forel, of the Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages.

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On Horses too Thin to Slaughter

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In " Prominent Horseman Faces Questions About Neglect ," Joe Drape of the New York Times reports: Four undernourished and neglected former racehorses belonging to Ernie Paragallo, a prominent New York thoroughbred breeder and owner, were rescued from a New York kill pen last month, one step from being slaughtered. that were sold to slaughter for $680. So he took them to the kill pen to sell them for slaughter. [T]hey Tags: Current Affairs Economics Ethics

On Thanking Slaughtered Sheep for Book Awards

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Well, she apparently did such a great job convincing the folks at the Minnesota Book Awards that you can claim to love animals and then send them to slaughter, that not only was she a finalist for their award, but she won it. But slaughtering sentient beings, when you have no need to, is nothing to be proud of, and it's certainly nothing to be awarded for. Tags: Books Current Affairs Ethics Jenny sent me a link to a remarkably-ironic story that was very tough to get through.

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On the Renewed Debate Over Horse Slaughter

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Not approving the institutionalized slaughter of the horses we claim to hold so dear lowers that value. Tags: Activism Current Affairs Ethics " Surge in Abandoned Horses Renews Debate Over Slaughterhouses " in today's New York Times begs a lot of questions that I wonder how you would answer. Let's deconstruct: The facts of the case: "Emaciated horses eating bark off trees. Abandoned horses tied to telephone poles. Horses subsisting on feces, walking among carcasses.

Horse Slaughter No More

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citizens have been struggling to bring an end to the inhumane practice of slaughtering horses for human consumption. For previous posts on the ethical issues surrounding the slaughtering of horses for human consumption, see here , here , and here. For several years, conscientious U.S. Happily, that struggle is finally over.

On The Respectful Emperor

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Farmers were bragging about how much they "loved" the animals they would soon betray and slaughter, and many omnivores who had discovered how animals are treated wanted to assuage their consciences a bit by "at least" giving the animals a better life prior to their untimely slaughter.

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"Educate, Investigate, Liberate"

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To My Friends at Thanksgiving

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The conclusion I'm left making is that the person saying "Because it tastes good" thinks that it's funny that a sentient being was raped (in the case of cows), mutilated (chickens, pigs and others) and slaughtered (everyone) because people find them tasty.

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On Being Upset by Carnage That Comes Too Soon

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That carnage wasn't observed after the animals were slaughtered, but before he could get to slaughter them. They were going to die anyway, as that's why they were brought into this world--to be slaughtered. Tags: Current Affairs Economics Ethics

On "EATING ANIMALS" by Jonathan Safran Foer

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And what follows, as you might imagine, is his support of "ethical meat" (for those who insist on eating animals). Tags: Activism Books Ethics Language

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On Indigenous People and Animals

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Cain=farmer=evil murderer; Abel=slaughtered animals=victim/good son. If you're going to claim that it was good for Native Americans so it's good for us, please know that they had an ecological ethic that we simply don't share. Tags: Activism Current Affairs Ethics Film

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On Peaceable Kingdom, Part Deux

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I didn't have to do the slaughtering to know what it feels like to have participated in something for a good chunk of my life that wasn't right. Tags: Activism Ethics Film

On SPECIESISM, by Joan Dunayer

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Two-thirds believe that nonhumans have as much "right to live free of suffering" as humans, but vivisection, food-industry enslavement and slaughter, and other practices that cause severe, prolonged suffering are legal (49). Tags: Books Ethics Language

More Clarity About Family Farms

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The marketing of an operation of breeding and slaughtering sentient nonhumans as a family farm (here, Bell straddles the line) is supposed to trigger some kind of compassion for the humans. It's the one that matters most to beings who simply want to live their lives without betrayal, disrespect, enslavement and slaughter. Tags: Activism Current Affairs Ethics Language animal rights factory farms family farms

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The Best in Vegan Education

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if they are "farmed" or slaughtered in a certain way). Tags: Activism Current Affairs Ethics Film

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On Jeff Corwin's 100 HEARTBEATS

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Corwin tells the story of the Maasai of Kenya, whose culture involved disdain for and slaughter of lions. Tags: Activism Books Current Affairs Ethics Language 100 Heartbeats animal rights Jeff Corwin veganism

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On ANIMAL EQUALITY, by Joan Dunayer

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By pairing humane with slaughter , legislators have sanctioned horrific cruelty and mass murder. What if slaughter were freed (miraculously) of all terror and pain? Tags: Activism Books Ethics Language

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On "The Wild"

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The problem with that statement is it's not as if farmers are searching "the wild" for cows, pigs, chicken and fish, plucking them from their homes, and plopping them on a farm to live out their (shortened) lives prior to slaughter. They are created to be slaughtered. And their lives of exploitation, torment, torture and slaughter cannot be compared to an animal's life in the wild. Tags: Ethics Language

On the Eating of Seafood

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We are overfishing, over-trawling, and mutilating and slaughtering bycatch by the millions of tons (17-39 million tons/year, not including marine mammals, sea bids and some invertebrates). "We are fighting a war against fish, and we are. winning."

Why Do Animals Exist?

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Those crops are then largely fed to “food animals&# , which are then slaughtered and fed to humans. This weekend I got into a rather passionate debate with some friends of friends about animal rights.

On "Knockout Animals"

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Like when they're about to be, say, slaughtered? Not to mention the reality that there is so much more involved in being bred for slaughter than pain, and none of that is addressed. Tags: Current Affairs Ethics Language

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Everything in Moderation?

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Slaughter in moderation. Tags: Ethics Language You may recall me writing about TD, my tax-resisting, raw-food eating, no-TV watching, parachuting-into-nuclear reactor(ing?) boyfriend of over 20 years ago. He was particularly talented at the conversation stopper: a succinct response to something that people found so shocking that the conversation would stop. Sometimes permanently.

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On Cat Killers and Mental Competency

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People in South Florida are still in an uproar over the mutilation and slaughter of 19 house cats (allegedly) by 18-year old Tyler Weinman, who was declared mentally competent and not a danger to himself or others (!). We don't say we hate pigs and want to see them writhing in pain and slaughtered. Tags: Activism Current Affairs Ethics Language

Veganism in the Workplace

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I didn’t want potential employers to be able to find it and not hire me on the basis of my ethics as they pertain to food. Slaughtered them ourselves!&# Um… not exactly what I meant when I said I like chickens.

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On Surreal Lobster Advocacy

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I don't agree that the game is "no different than a lobster tank" (at least conceptually--I haven't seen it), but "animal rights activists" should be campaigning for the cessation of the slaughter and consumption of lobsters, shouldn't they? The message I hear is: tormenting animals before you brutally torture and slaughter them is wrong, but brutally torturing and slaughtering them without the preceding torment is okay.

Preparing for the Onslaught

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Here's today's question: When a group of omnivores begins the inevitable round of jokes about veganism and even about slaughter ("I love turkeys--with sweet potatoes," or my cousin this week on Facebook, "I love the cow, therefore I eat her cheese," or something equally insensitive and ignorant), what do you do? So I might say, "I fail to find humor in the enslavement, rape, torture and slaughter of anyone. Tags: Activism Current Affairs Ethics Food and Drink Language

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Ways to Promote Alliance Politics

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Meanwhile, I'm sure that writers whose style I have a problem with will say, "I don't have the time or the inclination to write the sort of dispassionate, tepid prose you prefer while tens of billions of sentient nonhumans are being enslaved and slaughtered for no good reason."

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Meat with No Feet!?

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A while back PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) offered $1 million to any company or person who could come up with a cost effective way to produce cloned meat on a large scale, the goal being that people could still satisfy their meat cravings, but that animals wouldn’t have to be slaughtered for that purpose. More importantly, those animals suffer greatly during their short lives, only to end up at a slaughter house where they will be killed for food.

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On the Banning of Eating Cats and Dogs in China

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Why choose enslavement, rape, domination and slaughter? So we went from a ban to a vague statement about the prevention of abuse that clearly doesn't consider slaughter abusive. Tags: Activism Current Affairs Economics Ethics Food and Drink

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On Egypt's Pig Cull

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But though the pigs weren't originally destined for a mass grave, weren't they destined for slaughter nonetheless? Tags: Activism Current Affairs Ethics Language I received an e-mail from the well-meaning Wendy at Compassion in World Farming (which I find an odd combination of words) regarding Egypt's pig cull and asking me to send my protest to the Egyptian Government.

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On Radical Abolitionism and Guilt

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This is not to say that I'm going to stop what I do; I'm just realistic about how far it will go to address the actual cause of the rampant exploitation and massive slaughter I want to eliminate. As Best writes, "Psychological and ethical change is a necessary but not a sufficient condition of the large-scale social transformations needed for creating viable democratic and ecological cultures." Tags: Activism Economics Ethics Frequently, when I read Steve Best, I feel guilty.

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On Food for the Soul

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The animals were still bred and raised for slaughter, but evidently in some kind of soulful way we don't really hear about. Tags: Activism Economics Ethics Language The New York Times ' Nicholas D. Kristof frustrates me. His passion and compassion for humans is immense, but he appears to have some kind of mental block with nonhuman animals. He comes so close to grasping the concept of justice based on sentience, but his thinking is all muddled by tradition and culture.

On Compassionate Carnivores and Betrayal

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Yes, I do think it's better to have lived a comfortable life and then be slaughtered than to have been tortured the entire time and then be slaughtered. There is no question about the motive here: seduce the sheep into believing you care so that they are easier to deal with and easier to lead to slaughter. Tags: Ethics Food and Drink Language

Five-Year Old Shoots 35-Year Old in Head

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And one of the groups demonized by the mainstream is people who think it's unethical to demonize, disrespect and slaughter animals. Tags: Activism Current Affairs Ethics Language Check this out. link]. It saddens me, and I find it extremely disturbing, that a five-year old child is giddy, and his parents (and the journalists on this program) are so pleased that he killed a 35-40-year old alligator.

On Teaching Children

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The site says food production factories are included , but I doubt that means those involving the slaughter of animals.). How about an ethical adventure ? Tags: Activism Current Affairs Ethics It just so happens that after I read Bea's comment from yesterday about reaching kids with our message I saw a New York Times article from today called " Where Little Chefs Learn the Art of Slicing and Dicing ," by Ann Farmer.

A Win-Lose Proposition for Farmers and Consumers

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People whose careers involve creating, fattening, transporting and slaughtering sentient nonhumans whose parts and secretions will then be used as food are having some financial difficulties. Tags: Activism Current Affairs Economics Ethics Food and Drink Language

On Not Eating Animals

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And when you have people who slaughter animals for a living on your side, in my mind your pro-animal message loses credibility. Tags: Books Ethics Chris from Beijing wasn't able to comment (Animal Person is blocked in China) but he did write me to say he looks forward to Jonathan Safran Foer's sequel to Eating Animals. Not Eating Animals. Though I haven't been able to surf the Internet that much recently, I have found it difficult to avoid discussion of Foer's book.

On "Animal Activism"

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If you believe your dog has a right to a life free of torture and slaughter for no reason, then you really ought to think about extending that right to mice, rats, chickens and fish. Tags: Activism Current Affairs Ethics Language I've used the term "animal activism" lately as an experiment. I'm trying to gauge people's receptivity to what I'm about to say.

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On Talking With Veterinarians About Vegan Food

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Do you politely say that you've done the research and are convinced that a vegan diet is perfectly appropriate for most dogs and has the added bonus of not putting you in a position where you're supporting the needless slaughter of other animals? Tags: Books Current Affairs Ethics Food and Drink Gray Matters

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On What the Animal Ag Alliance Thinks of Us

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Through all of the damage control and message-neutralizing I have to do due to PeTA campaigns or someone lumping me with PeTA--or the HSUS, for that matter--I always remember that the real enemy of my cause is someone who wants to convince the world that there is nothing wrong with using animals when we have no need to and who profits from the "production" and slaughter of sentient nonhumans.

On Small Victories

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Changes in the manner of slaughter (i.e., Tags: Activism Current Affairs Ethics Language Yesterday's " Do Small Victories Affect Big Picture in Animal Rights Debate? makes some fantastic points that are worth repeating and deconstructing. Here's the set-up: The European Parliament endorsed a ban on seal products. A famous Ottawa restaurant removed foie gras from its menu after being pressured by activists.

Listen Today on WALO Radio

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The University of Puerto Rico, an "1862" LGU founded in 1900, operates a slaughter facility killing small ruminants -- typically goats and sheep, cattle being large ruminants. Tags: Activism Current Affairs Economics Ethics Responsible Policies for Animals Members & Friends!