On Jeff Corwin's 100 HEARTBEATS

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I know he's a conservationist, therefore I know he will advocate for "managing" the "resources" that are sentient nonhumans. And of course that premise is only possible because the animals (and everything else on the planet) are our "resources."

2010 140

On Scheduling Epiphanies. and Coral Snakes

Animal Person

But we can be there, consistently, with an answer, an explanation, a resource, or a meal. Tags: Activism Current Affairs Ethics

Vegan 134

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On Flow and Water

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I suppose I just hadn't put enough thought into it, but oil and water are in fact very similar in the way large corporations have swooped into areas where they have no business being, to take the local resources and sell them back to the local people at enormous mark-ups.

Meditation on the Cheap

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I do Transcendental Meditation and other kinds, as well, and recently I've been getting requests for good meditation resources that don't cost $2,500 for a mantra (like TM). Tags: Current Affairs Ethics As I've written many times, one of the ways I stay centered and grounded is through meditation.

Animal Rights is Pernicious Nonsense?

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It has absolutely nothing to do with any genuine environmentalist ethic. But if you're on the outside, and you're hostile to the idea of respecting the natural lives of sentient nonhumans and you see them only as resources to be managed, might you have a similar idea? And not all organizations that advocate for animals claim to have a "genuine environmentalist ethic," and the ones that do must subscribe to his ethic or they're not genuine?

On Exploitation, OED-Style

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to turn to industrial account (natural resources). b. 282/1 In exploiting mineral resources. Tags: Ethics Language Ian asked about the history of exploit and exploitation according to the Oxford English Dictionary a couple of days ago. I have another post in the works for today as well, but for now, here they are: I won't get into exploit as a noun (e.g., 1755 SMOLLETT Quix. 1803) II. 24 The glory of having undertaken such an exploit no malice.

Cattle 100

On "Cheating" and Cookbook Authors

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I'd imagine that the more resources available to the mainstream about going vegan and cooking/preparing vegan food, the better the odds that more people will go vegan. Tags: Ethics Food and Drink Language There was nothing surprising about Oprah's most recent show about food. It was full of Michael Pollan, Food Inc., the way we treat animals, and the way we turn food into food facsimiles with unusually long shelf lives.

Vegan 100

On "Animal Activism"

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And I don't see how they further our goal of getting humans to realize that nonhumans are not resources for them to exploit. Tags: Activism Current Affairs Ethics Language I've used the term "animal activism" lately as an experiment. I'm trying to gauge people's receptivity to what I'm about to say. I notice that if I use "animal rights activist" or anything with the word "rights" in it, because it's loaded and misunderstood, my listener often has an immediate bias of some kind.

PETA 103

On "Home"

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I would like to have seen action points in the film: things the average person can do to stop our hyperspeed collision course with the annihilation of all of our planet's natural resources (and by consequence Earth's nonhuman and human inhabitants). Tags: Current Affairs Ethics Film Environmentalism Factory Farm Glenn Close Home Veganism Winged Migration I watched Home earlier in the week and you can watch it on YouTube here , though a huge flat screen is definitely preferable.

2009 100

Deconstructing Slate's "Pepper" Series

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There's a vague sense that perhaps he cares about the dogs or thinks that what he does to them might present an ethical dilemma, but the overwhelming feeling is that it's all worth it. You could easily argue," he added, that the resources necessary to buy and train a new monkey would be a net minus for animal welfare. Tags: Activism Current Affairs Ethics Language

We Interrupt Regularly Scheduled.

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Bush’s UN Ambassador, John Bolton, a former Covington lawyer, had fiercely opposed Latin American leaders who fought for their peoples’ rights to larger shares of the profits derived from their resources; after leaving the government in 2006, Bolton became involved with the Project for the New American Century, the Council for National Policy, and a number of other programs that promote corporate hegemony in Honduras and elsewhere. Tags: Activism Current Affairs Economics Ethics

From the Mailbag

Animal Ethics

Dear Professor Burgess-Jackson, I'm a great admirer of your animal ethics blog, which I've found to be an invaluable resource. I just wanted to share a link to Gary Francione's recent philosophy bites podcast. An interesting debate has taken place in the comments section regarding Francione's (mis)interpretation of Peter Singer—hope it will be of interest! best regards, Spencer Lo

2012 40

Always Question a Scientist

Critter News

It's a book about societal collapses resulting from poor decisions about the environment, resource-use, etc. Tags: animal experimentation medical ethics medical research science and an accountant and an economist and any other "expert" that uses their field to claim a moral authority. This statement is mainly motivated by a recent conversation with someone who has a science degree (I think it's biology), but who actually works for a clinical testing company.

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US Judge Asked to Hear Case about Orcas

Critter News

US District Judge Jeffrey Miller called the hearing in San Diego after Sea World asked the court to dismiss a lawsuit filed by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) that names five orcas as plaintiffs in the case. Sea World's lawyer, Theodore Shaw, called the lawsuit a waste of the court's time and resources. We'll see how it goes. Even when we lose these battles, the fact that they are heard at all is an important step.

2012 109

From the Mailbag

Animal Ethics

Hi Keith, Here are some links to some exceptionally moving and informative online audio lectures on vegetarianism & animal ethics from a Christian perspective. If you would inform them of this resource, that'd be great. They are by Matt Halteman , an excellent philosopher from Calvin College. I bet all your readers—religious and secular—would learn a lot from these talks and be inspired.

2007 40

J. Baird Callicott on the Catastrophe of Vegetarianism

Animal Ethics

It represents an increase in the efficiency of the conversion of solar energy from plant to human biomass, and thus, by bypassing animal intermediates, increases available food resources for human beings. Baird Callicott , "Animal Liberation: A Triangular Affair," Environmental Ethics 2 [winter 1980]: 311-38, at 335 [italics in original

40 Ways to Help Lab Animals

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A valuable new resource has recently entered the information superhighway. This rapidly growing site is to be a global resource on alternative methods, the 3Rs (replacement, reduction, and refinement), animal ethics, and animal care, with hyperlinks to related Web sites and databases. Thanks to Patty at Animal Rights-Do Whatever is Necessary for reposting this list of 40 ways to help lab animals. I especially like these suggestions.

2009 109

J. Baird Callicott on Misanthropy

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Some indication of the genuinely biocentric value orientation of ethical environmentalism is indicated in what otherwise might appear to be gratuitous misanthropy. If the land ethic were only a means of managing nature for the sake of man, misleadingly phrased in moral terminology, then man would be considered as having an ultimate value essentially different from that of his "resources."

Deer 40

Environmental Groups Call For End To USDA Wildlife Killing

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Additionally, Wildlife Services puts little emphasis on using non-lethal methods, and puts few resources towards developing new, ethical non-lethal research; • Unnecessary and Fiscally Unsound - Taxpayers are paying the bill for these activities, and Wildlife Services fails to protect the businesses it supposedly helps. Environmental groups have called on Obama to get rid of the USDA's Dept.

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Reasons Consistently Applied

Animal Ethics

I suspect that many regular readers of Animal Ethics are already vegetarians. That's because those who read Animal Ethics with regularity know that there are many compelling reasons to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle. You shall have them for food.' " Genesis 1:29 The First Ethical Precept of Buddhism states: "I will be mindful and reverential with all life, I will not be violent nor will I kill."