Now We Have Glow-in-the-Dark Monkeys!

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Viral DNA was used to introduce a gene for a green fluorescent protein into monkeys, creating a new line of "glow-in-the-dark" transgenic primates for drug research work. The ethical questions are obvious. Oh, by the way, drug researchers love this. Possibly better research, more drugs, more sales!!!). Tags: genetics animal experimentation animal research monkeys Oh yay.

Puerto Rico Ships Monkey to.Baghdad?

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Puerto Rico is using it as a dumping ground for "nuisance" monkeys. Puerto Rico is eager to rid itself of the estimated 2,000 patas and rhesus monkeys that have taken a toll on wildlife and agriculture in the Lajas Valley since escaping from nearby research centers 30 years ago. "We We will give them all the monkeys they want," said Sgt. The Baghdad Zoo rakes in some more animals.

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Dane County Debates Wisconsin Animal Research

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Not sure anything will come of this, but Dane County is turning its attention to the primate research going on at University of Madison-Wisconsin. Twenty county board supervisors have sent a letter to UW-Madison's Chancellor Biddy Martin, asking her to get directly involved in the ethics of monkey experimentation. Tags: animal research primates university of madison-wisconsin

What if the Public Truly Probed Animal Research Funding?

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It's in response to the arrest of Yale animal technician Raymond Clark for the murder of Annie Le, but makes some important points about animal research. Animal research is too lucrative for the university/government/pharma complex to risk macaques on YouTube and the public judging the asinine and repetitive experiments many researchers know they live on. Tags: university research animal experimentation animal research primates

Pam Anderson Urges End to India's Animal Testing

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Her letter to the Indian research facility is pretty distressing. Former Baywatch star and model Pamela Anderson has accused one of India's most prestigious research centres of animal cruelty, urging it to retire decades-old test monkeys and adopt humane practices. It broke my heart to see the suffering that is documented in the enclosed video", wrote Anderson, in a letter sent on behalf of People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

India 109

Ghoulish Primate Experiment in South Africa

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Johannesburg - A Bloemfontein man received a criminal record on Friday for a "backyard experiment" on a pregnant monkey, the NSPCA said. The NSPCA in November 2008 charged Jordaan for his "merciless treatment" of a heavily pregnant vervet monkey. She said the monkey's infant was removed by Caesarean section on October 31. This paralysed the monkey from the waist down and made her incontinent. animal experimentation animal research primates south africaWarning!

Deconstructing Slate's "Pepper" Series

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Beloved family pet Dalmatian, Pepper, is stolen, and after several weeks of searching is discovered to have been experimented on at a hospital and died on the table when researchers tried to implant her with an experimental cardiac pacemaker. There's a vague sense that perhaps he cares about the dogs or thinks that what he does to them might present an ethical dilemma, but the overwhelming feeling is that it's all worth it. Part V: Me and My Monkey.