27,000 Animals Rescued in Texas

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This rescue is the result of a PETA undercover investigation. The raid followed an undercover investigation by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Holy cow! That's HUGE. It was an exotic animal importing firm (why the eff do those even exist?) that was allegedly mistreating its animals. A lot of these animals are reptiles, spiders and amphibians, which explains the large number. See, husband, this is why I like PETA!) From the Detroit Free Press.

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Controversial Elephant Death at San Diego Zoo

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An animal rights group has called for a federal investigation into the death of an elephant at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The Northern California-based In Defense of Animals called for the Department of Agriculture, which does inspections of zoos, to investigate Umoya's death. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals also criticized the zoo in the wake of the death. Here's the full article from the Los Angeles Times.

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Research Animals Rescued from North Carolina Lab

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Their investigations produce results. An enormous victory was achieved for animals this week when nearly 200 dogs and 54 cats were rescued from a North Carolina animal testing facility that closed its doors after an undercover investigation revealed apparent abuse of the animals by workers at the facility. Awful story, but this is the reason I support PETA, even when they do wacky things sometimes. From the PR Newswire.

PETA Settlement over Shelter Records

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The Standard-Examiner of Ogden said Wednesday that the county will pay $17,732 to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. In a statement provided to The Associated Press on Friday, PETA's Associate Director of Laboratory Investigations Justin Goodman said the group filed the lawsuit to gain access to intake and transfer records for approximately 100 cats and dogs that were sold for research.

FL Animal Control Conducts Bizarre Experiment

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Department of Agriculture investigative report. In addition, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals filed a complaint with the USDA.The dog’s owners said the dog was in the truck too long; a necropsy was inconclusive, but one pathologist said heat and dehydration were likely contributing factors. News of the Weird Owners claim dog died from being in non-ventilated Animal Control vehicle. How should Animal Control evaluate their claim?

From Today's New York Times

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In 2004, for example, The New York Times broke the story about a PETA undercover investigation that found routine animal abuse at AgriProcessors kosher slaughterhouse. Newkirk President, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Norfolk, Va., To the Editor: “ What’s Next in the Law? The Unalienable Rights of Chimps ,” by Adam Cohen (Editorial Observer, July 14), unfairly characterized PETA’s efforts.