What is the National Bird of Estonia?

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The national bird of Estonia is the Barn Swallow Hirundo rustica. Of course, in Estonia the bird is not called Barn Swallow. Before Estonia switched over to the Euro the back of the 500-kroon note was graced by the national bird. Estonia is not the only country to have the Barn Swallow as the national bird. Birds Estonia national bird swallowsIn Estonian the term is Suitsupääsukese which, when translated by Google, comes out as Smoke Swallow.*

Birding Finland on the Fly

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Obviously many species of birds can be quite elusive, but this may be your best bet at getting you close to where you’ll need to be. This book doesn’t aid in descriptions or checklists of species, but is more of an insider’s guide of where to go and what you might see. Old Town Tallinn, Estonia. Finland is a great place to see a variety of different species, many of which flock to the north to take advantage of the extended daylight during the breeding season.

The European Christmas Bird Count

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Barnacle geese breed mainly on the Arctic islands of the North Atlantic, while the nearest wintering areas also lie along the northern coasts of Europe: the Netherlands and the Baltic Sea (Estonia, Finland, Denmark and Sweden). Here in Serbia, in the south of the continent, this species is a proper rarity. Yet, in the early 19th century it seems to have been a regular species overwintering alongside other geese, but after 1840s, the next birds were recorded only in 1955.

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