US a Hub for Eatin' Them Endangered Species

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Be warned there's a horrific picture of a cooked monkey head in this article.) Tags: wildlife trafficking us endangered species And here I've been yelling at China all this time. (Be From The United States is one of the world's largest, if not the largest, consuming nations for wildlife products.

Mexican Male Caught Smuggling Titi Monkeys

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Caught at the airport in Mexico City, he had 18 of these monkeys and two of them were dead. Tags: wildlife smuggling mexico primates endangered species

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Thai Police Rescue Monkeys Bound for Restaurant

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Thai Highway Police in Sa Kaeo province have rescued 24 baby crab-eating monkeys, arresting a Thai driver and five undocumented Cambodians attempting to smuggle the endangered species to Cambodia, where they were destined for cooking pots in.Chinese specialty restaurants in Cambodia. Tags: cambodia bush meat china monkeys endangered species Just awful. Thank goodness these were rescued.

Stupid TLC Show Called "My Monkey Baby"

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It's a TLC show about humans that adopt monkeys and treat them as their children. Monkey business is big business in the United States, where some people pay up to $5,000 to adopt a monkey of their own, often a capuchin monkey, which can grow up to 22 inches and 9 pounds. There are hundreds of videos on the Internet of proud parents enjoying their monkeys, and an estimated 15,000 monkeys live with humans as pets or surrogate children in the United States.

Bush Meat, Trafficking Decimate Vietnam

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Over the last two years, authorities have discovered 57 cases of trafficking in wild animals involving more than 7,612 individuals including monkeys and Tibetan bears and elephant tusks. Tags: vietnam exotic meats wildlife trafficking bush meat endangered species Sounds just awful. But the problem is the high demand for these products. From Vietnam News.

Rare Tee Clothing

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Their mission is to raise awareness on threatened and endangered species through their fun and contemporary apparel. Did you know that they are more closely related to lemurs than they are to monkeys? I recently got the chance to try out a t-shirt from a company called Rare Tee.

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