Bush Meat, Trafficking Decimate Vietnam

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Among them, stag and wild boar accounted for around 70 per cent of the consumed meat, followed by turtle, snake, fox and porcupine. Tags: vietnam exotic meats wildlife trafficking bush meat endangered species Sounds just awful. But the problem is the high demand for these products. From Vietnam News.

Why Palin?

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If McCain gets elected, then I can see the future of the Endangered Species Act, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of Agriculture, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, etc. Let's hope McCain is just crazy.and not crazy like a fox. Tags: us election Palin alaska endangered species The following is not necessarily representative of ALL of Critter News. Just me. Why has John McCain chosen Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, as a running mate?

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Flight to Freedom

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CSI actress Jorja Fox, the ADI spokesperson for the operation, greeted the lions when they arrived in San Francisco said: “These magnificent lions have lived all their lives in a tiny cage on the back of a truck. Tags: news people helping animals rescues webvideos Four lions, rescued by Animal Defenders International (ADI) from a Bolivian circus when the country banned the use of animals in circuses have a new home, and a life of luxury at the ARK 2000 sanctuary in Calaveras County.

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