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We are set up to completely cater to their needs and wants, and focus on healing them physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Currently, A Chance for Bliss sanctuary is home to 96 residents including 25 horses, 22 dogs, 8 goats, 7 pot belly pigs , 4 sheep, 2 steers, 5 ducks, 5 geese, 5 cockatiels, 4 rabbits, 3 chickens, 3 cats, 1 turkey, a one-winged pigeon, Hines, and a turtle, Bart.

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Roger Cohen Realizes Dogs=Pigs, Sort Of

Animal Person

The theory that the mind finds inescapably well-formulated is often overwhelmed and overturned by human emotions. When it comes to the legislation ( which may or may not mean anything for dogs and cats ), Cohen sides with the people who recognize that cats and dogs are no different from chickens and geese. However, remember that he understands that emotion ("the heart") is what ultimately governs what most of us do, and certainly what he does, so he won't be eating any more dogs.

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From Today's New York Times

Animal Ethics

As a recent convert to vegetarianism, I found that it reinforced my feeling that the eating of living, thinking, emotional creatures is just plain wrong. The fact that geese mate for life, and that the mate of the poor goose that was slaughtered would step forward, was enough to make me swear off meat forever, if I hadn’t already. To the Editor: Re “ A Farm Boy Reflects ” (column, July 31): Hats off to Nicholas D.