Marabou Storks

10,000 Birds

Add that sense of impending doom to an atypical appearance and you get a bird that stirs strong emotions in people. This is a family site so I won’t mention the what it managed to extract from that bag of garbage. Birds Beat on Assignment storks TanzaniaMarabou Storks are ugly/lovely. They have character. They are unmistakeable. I won’t expend too much energy trying to describe them… I’ll just let the pictures do the heavy lifting this week.

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Can we talk about Cecil the Lion?

10,000 Birds

Today I want to talk about how it also damages conservation by, in much the same way as other media does, by reducing issues to pithy statements, devoid of nuance and heavily laden with emotion, and shaping the opinion of millions as it does so. If tourists are too dim to tell Sierra Leone from Botswana or Tanzania, do we really want to rely on them to save Africa’s species? Hi there.

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