Bird of Prey: The Story of the Rarest Eagle on Earth – A Film Review

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The Philippine Eagle has a kind face. I couldn’t help thinking this–me, the anthropomorphism hater– as I watched a pair of Philippine Eagles tend their nest, raise a chick, and tear monkeys apart in Bird of Prey: The Story of the Rarest Eagle on Earth , a well-crafted, beautifully filmed documentary with a mission. Bird of Prey (not to be confused with the upcoming comic book film Birds of Prey ) tells the story of the Philippine Eagle in layers of time and place.

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Birding Shanghai in September 2022

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The bird “spent five months on Mindoro Island in the Philippines during the non-breeding season and migrated through Taiwan, the Chinese east coast, and the Korean peninsula” and on to the Russian Far East (indicating a certain lack of solidarity with Ukraine).

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Bird Butts and Other Matters

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The local Bald Eagles are getting busy, I suspect there is an egg in the nest. The zoo has already identified several species like the huge monkey-eating Philippine eagle that are at once distinct, endangered, and suffer from lack of attention. The Izu scincid lizards (Plestiodon latiscutatus) that inhabit the four Japanese Izu Islands with only bird predators are drab brown, mature later, lay small clutches of large eggs, and hatch large neonates.

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Woodpeckers of the World: A Photographic Guide–A Review

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I also enjoyed the breeding photo series, showing Downy Woodpecker eggs and then hatchlings within a breeding chamber in a tree, with only a few wood chips to support them. Five species are not illustrated, the “probably extinct” Ivory-billed and Imperial Woodpeckers, and the little-known, range-restricted Rusty-necked Piculet (tiny area in South America), Atlantic Woodpecker (Brazilian endemic), and Yellow-faced Flameback (endemic to west-central Philippine islands).

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