More Alleged Abuse At Iowa Egg Farms

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Push Land-Grant Universities Out of the Meat Industry

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consider pointing out to a few of the biggest and most influential (food-wise) LGUs -- Iowa State, Cornell, University of California-Davis -- the harm they're doing globally by continuing to promote meat despite the known dangers to animals, people, and the environment. Responsible Policies for Animals Members & Friends!

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Are Farm Animals Usually Killed in a Humane Manner?

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And if you ever drive around an egg farm, hog farm, slaughterhouse, feeding lot, etc., One of my closest friends worked as an accountant for IBP (formerly Iowa Beef Producers, now Tyson’s) and, he won’t speak of it, but there were some bad things that happened there. Andrew from Good Honest Dollar had an excellent question. He asked whether cows, chickens, sheep and some of the other animals that we eat are usually treated and killed in a humane manner.

From Today's New York Times

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There are more humane alternatives available that would reduce that condition, and according to experts at Iowa State University, some forms of alternative sow housing could actually cost less in dollars and labor—savings that could potentially reach the customer. The idea that eggs from free-range chickens are somehow morally superior to other eggs is, frankly, weird. To the Editor: Re “ Don’t Presume to Know a Pig’s Mind ” (Op-Ed, Feb.