Sat.Nov 21, 2020 - Fri.Nov 27, 2020

Forest Bathing

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I’m writing this post primarily because I am currently dreaming of the subject. Having been penned in our house for the last month (and more), the last time we have been out birding seems like a distant memory.

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The Merlin Out Back

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I live in the Central Valley, the most populated part of Costa Rica. For most of its history, this intermontane valley was a melange of wetlands and moist forest watered by rains that drench the adjacent mountains.

2020 81

A Japanese in China

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The Avibase China birdlist counts 7 species of minivets for China – one of which is the Ashy Minivet.

China 77

Best Bird of the Weekend (Third of November 2020)

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During a season when many of us have constricted our travel radius from several countries or continents from home to several blocks, the forced focus on local patches seems to be turning up some real jewels in different areas. Nothing unusual in your backyard yet?

2020 70

PPT 11/19/20

My Birding Buddies

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I finally had to get a new laptop last week. While almost everything is up and running beautifully, I haven’t managed to figure out how to use the updated photo editor program I downloaded, or to transfer my old program to the new computer.

2020 63

Eighty Mile Beach Pied Oystercatchers

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Eighty Mile Beach is located between Broome and Port Hedland and is a remote coastline. It is the longest uninterrupted beach in Western Australia and is 220 kilometres long. The distance from Broome to Port Hedland is over 600 kilometres and is our closest town to the south.

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