Sat.Jun 12, 2021 - Fri.Jun 18, 2021

Beljarica Backwaters: Some good news announced (but not yet official)

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I am not used to good news, and am suspicious of them. What could be the big picture here, my suspicious mind keeps asking? But let me go back – you do not know the news! My readers are already familiar with Beljarica Backwaters, as described in half a dozen posts here at 10,000 Birds.

Boars 60

Casa Ferreirinha ‘Papa Figos’ Vinho Tinto (2017)

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Whether they hail from the New World or the Old, orioles are undoubtedly fond of fruit.

2017 56

Participating in My First “Normal” Birdathon

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Note: Erika is the Communications Director for Audubon Florida. A flash of orange streaked across my field of vision, landing at the top of a nearby tree. I whipped my binoculars out, then threw them down in favor of a camera with a long lens. Click click click.

2020 56

For the Love of Trogons

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2021 is turning out to be a good year for trogons. So far, one third of my weekly outings have involved trogon sightings, with their distinctive calls being heard on a few other trips. Those are good numbers. They also remind me why I love birding in Michoacán.

April Showers 4.30


Best Bird of the Weekend (Second of June 2021)

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June is the breeding month, when New Yorkers mostly give up on migrant birds and look for birds where they nest. June is also the month that the bugs come out to play in earnest. This can be good (butterflies, dragonflies) or bad (mosquitoes, biting flies).

The Gas Station Bird

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Above is a gorgeous photo of a Cooper’s Hawk by Ingrid Taylar. The bird is just chilling out, waiting for the urge to fly. The bird below is also waiting, but not to fly. He is simply waiting for someone to move him from the filthy plastic bucket where he is tethered next to a gas pump.