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A perfect birding rucksack: Swarovski BP Backpack 30

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In my early birding years, rucksacks were of no importance and any could do. I would be leaving it behind anyway, in my kayak club, to continue birding with a paddle in my hands. Yet, as I started doing more land birding, I needed something a bit larger and sturdier.

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The Uncommon Demise of a Wood Thrush in Costa Rica

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Migrant birds make an incredibly perilous journey, twice per year. How’s that for an understatement of the obvious? The equation seems incredible. On the breeding grounds of the north, a small bird flies into the night, takes a bearing for the south, gains altitude and flies onward.

Birding Nanhui, Shanghai in October 2021

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Oriental Scops Owls are quite possibly my favorite bird at Nanhui. Bird-shaped cuteness. Of course, this would probably get me a telling off from Mark J. Estren, a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Buffalo.

Water, Water, Everywhere

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You know how you plan your regular Monday birding outing in spite of a category 2 hurricane making landfall on the coast, 135 miles away, because the rain bands are supposed to finish impacting your area at around 7:00 a.m.?

Recorded Webinar 7-6-20

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Shorebirds amongst the tomato jellyfish

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Cable Beach is renowned for being a long sandy beach with a blue ocean and blue skies. It is also a great place for bird-watching and I have written many a post about the variety of birdlife along its length. Over the last couple of weeks the sandy beach has become invaded by tomato jellyfish.

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How Birds Evolve: What Science Reveals about Their Origin, Lives, and Diversity: A Book Review by a Non-Science Person

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Doug Futuyma believes in science and in the scientific basis of evolution. This shouldn’t have to be stated, especially in a book on bird evolution by an evolutionary biologist with a Ph.D. in zoology, but these are crazy times and it’s probably good to set up expectations.

An American Wader Down Under

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Red capped Plover – a resident among the Samphire – above and below. An American showed up in Australia recently. Well several really.