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50 Top Birding Sites in Kenya review

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When it comes to tropical birding, field guides regularly deal with well over a 1000 birds and tend to be on the hefty side. Travel guides are mostly lighter, but this “where to watch birds guide” is truly lightweight and traveller friendly.

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What I Learned in Costa Rica from October Global Big Day, 2021

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Another October Big Day has come and gone and thus made its way into the sacred birding archives. Similar to 2020, more than 32,000 people participated, 78,000 checklists were submitted, and more than 7,200 bird species were identified.

A new bower in Cygnet Park-Broome

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The Great Bowerbird bowers around Broome don’t last forever despite their solid construction. We have extreme weather during our wet season with cyclonic winds and torrential rain.

Best Bird of the Weekend (Third of October 2021)

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Last weekend hosted many of the international organized bird watching festivities, but every weekend offers the opportunity for avian observation excitement. What did you find?

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Hummingbird Heaven 2021

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In September 2021, I wrote for the first time here about one of the great birding spectacles in my region. As our summer rainy season ends, Michoacán erupts in a massive seasonal bloom, which attracts a feeding frenzy by resident and newly-arrived migratory hummingbirds.

Cartoon Birds

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If reading this header you think of Gary Larson, your thinking is not unlike mine. However, this is not what this post is about (though you could do worse than to search for the Larson cartoon “Stupid birds” online).

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