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Rarely Seen Costa Rica Birds That Aren’t Rare

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A birding trip is more than arriving to your destination and watching birds. It’s also getting ready for the trip and in a sense, once you buy that plane ticket, when you begin with serious planning, you are on your way!

The Wryneck: Biology, Behaviour, Conservation and Symbolism of Jynx torquilla: A Book Review

10,000 Birds

The Eurasian Wryneck is the woodpecker that doesn’t look like a woodpecker, the bird with the portmanteau name that is also a medical condition (and which may remind some people of a Nora Ephron essay).

Revenge Birding (Shanghai, early June 2022)

10,000 Birds

With the lockdown lasting until the end of May (ironically thus pretty much including the whole spring migration – the divine sense of humor is a rather malign one, I am afraid), June still had the freedom of birding anywhere in Shanghai, not just inside a smallish compound.

Young Thrushes

10,000 Birds

Admittedly this has never crossed my mind as being remotely interesting, young birds are generally awkward things, not yet fitting into the sleek and streamlined expectation of the dictionary definition of “bird” Furthermore, thrushes are often underappreciated creatures on their own.

Test webinar 6/10 10am

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Birding Shanghai in May 2022

10,000 Birds

The lockdown continued throughout May, making this another rather unexciting post. Well, I had to go through the lockdown while you do not have to read this post. Fortunately, the lockdown was lifted on June 1st.

China 56

Another update from the Hakea macrocarpa

10,000 Birds

I have continued to enjoy all of the birds that have been coming to feed on the Hakea macrocarpa in Cygnet Park this week. Last week I introduced you to all of the honeyeaters that had been feasting on the nectar.