Sat.Apr 02, 2022 - Fri.Apr 08, 2022

Vagrancy in Birds: A Book Review

10,000 Birds

It was a cold afternoon in Maine, and I was looking at the Steller’s Sea-Eagle perched on a tall coniferous tree across Boothbay Harbor, having arrived at the harbor area seven minutes earlier (I know! Thank you, goddess of birding luck and text group people).*

A Morning of High Quality Birding on Irazu Volcano, Costa Rica

10,000 Birds

All birding is essentially good. Time spent watching any birds is time spent connecting with our natural surroundings, a time that can act as a relaxed escape as well as one of meditative focus.

Birding Shanghai in March 2022

10,000 Birds

Strangely, one of the easiest birds to see on Chongming recently is the non-native Black Swan. Probably these are escapees from the nearby nature reserve or somewhere else. I guess I would therefore usually not include them in this post were it not for the information below.

An influx of Great Egrets

10,000 Birds

Once again last weekend we ventured out to drive very slowly across Roebuck Plains on the Great Northern Highway. Although the land is still very flooded there has been some easing of water flowing across the highway and it is open with caution to all traffic.

2013 73

Test CMI 1/20/22

Collaborative list – March 2022

10,000 Birds

In March 2022, the Collaborative submitted 184 checklists from 4 countries ( Costa Rica , United States , Mexico , and the United Kingdom ) and they included 637 species. The 2022 year list stands at 949 and the life list is now at 4,113.

They’ve Got Personality

10,000 Birds

Well, it finally happened. The week on the cusp between March and April was the first week in which failed to pick up any FOY species for the year 2022. I believe that is because, after a rather grueling outing the previous week, I chose to go to a site with less promise, but greater proximity.