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Signs of Spring Migration in Costa Rica

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Spring in western New York was and is a time of melting snow, of ice chunks being rushed along the Niagara River, of when you wondered if this year, would it maybe stay warm in April and not snow again?

Ovenbirds (but not the Ovenbird)

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As ambiguous as the title of this piece sounds, a foray into the ornithological literature may lead to even more confusion. The family Furnariidae consists of ovenbirds and woodcreepers, but the actual Ovenbird belongs to the family of New World Warblers – Parulidae.

Take me to Church

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Last week, I took you to the La Mesa reservoir, the higher-altitude of the two thorn-forest sites on my regular birding rotation.

Best Bird of the Weekend (Last of March 2021)

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The last weekend of March offers much, both in terms of new additions to your current suite of avifauna and the promise of more to come. Even better, April means more of the same.

March Madness 4.0



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I am not crazy about alliterations. They seem a poor device, suitable for children’s books but not for refined literature.

Zone of Happiness Birding

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Ken Cross lives with his wife Megan and their three children on the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast on Australia’s east coast.

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