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Myiarchus Mysteries

10,000 Birds

As is my self-declared tradition of speaking of groups of birds within the species gamut of Trinidad & Tobago, allow me to introduce you to yet another group of three.

ALA 74

Say Hello to my Little Friend

10,000 Birds

Wood-Wrens , birds of the family Henicorhina , are very small wrens of Central and South America that like to live very close to the ground, in dense forest underbrush or elfin forests. The only one that occurs in western Mexico, where I live, is the Gray-breasted Wood-Wren.

Accessibility Matters

10,000 Birds

A recent episode of the American Birding Podcast featured an interview with Virginia Rose (Founder and President) and Freya McGregor (Coordinator) of the non-profit Birdability.

Birds and streetlights

10,000 Birds

Around Broome the tallest structures are the streetlights and we have quite a variety of them. The current streetlights are gradually being replaced by more economical models as they fail, but the birds don’t care.

2010 74

Test CMI 1/20/22

Birding Jianfengling, Hainan (I to Z)

10,000 Birds

Continuing the bureaucratic approach of a previous post, this one covers the Jianfengling birds with names starting from I to Z. The German approach to writing blog posts. This may be a Green-billed Malkoha. Hard to tell as the supposedly green bill is not visible at all.

Eggs 70