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“Peacocks and Picathartes: Reflections on Africa’s Birdlife”

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When was the last time you chose a book by its covers? I did that with Peacocks & Picathartes – Reflections on Africa’s birdlife (published by Penguin Random House South Africa ). In case you didn’t know, yes, there is an indigenous peacock living in Africa, the Congo Peafowl.

What’s Going On

10,000 Birds

For the past few weeks, my posts have been thematic, rather than reporting on my latest outings. To be honest, this is because the birding has been a bit slow of late.

Birding Ruoergai, Sichuan, China – The Raptor Edition

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The relatively flat and open grassland of Ruoergai is also good raptor country – raptor here being used in the broadest sense of the word, i.e., including owls and vultures.

China 85

Best Bird of the Weekend (Third of August 2021)

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As August comes rushing to a close, the doldrums of the last few weeks have already started to give way to a new mass movement of birds. Move with them! Late summer in many parts of the U.S.

May Flowers

PPT 5.28

Black-necked Storks close to Broome

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We are very lucky here in Broome to be able to observe Black-necked Storks quite easily. They can often been found along the beaches of Roebuck Bay near the Broome Bird Observatory. They also like the grassy areas at the upper reaches of Dampier Creek, which runs behind town.

Mangrove Birds of Costa Rica

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Forest doesn’t just grow in mountains, hills, and valleys. Give certain, special trees the right conditions and they also take root in the shallow mud of estuaries and other coastal situations.